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How To Talk About New Year’s Resolutions in German Posted by on Jan 8, 2015 in Language

Sonne, Mond und Sterne,
alles liegt in weiter Ferne,
doch das Gute das ist ganz nah –
ein glückliches und schönes neues Jahr!

Happy new year! This is one of many New Year’s greetings in German, which translated into English goes something like this (please note that this is my own translation – not an ‘official’ one or anything!):

Sun, moon and stars,
Everything is very far,
But the Good is extremely near –
A happy and beautiful New Year!

On that note, I hope you are having a good start to 2015! Das Neujahr (New Year) is often accompanied by die Neujahrsvorsätzen – New Year’s Resolutions (Der Neujahrsvortsatz if you’re talking about a single resolution). Have you made any Neujahrsvorsätzen for 2015? If you have, they could be one of the following:

Typische Neujahrsvorsätzen – Typical New Year’s Resolutions:

I want to lose weight – Ich will abnehmen

I want to pass my driving test – Ich will meine Fahrprüfung bestehen

I want to join a gym – Ich will einem Fitnessstudio beitreten

I want to spend more time with friends – Ich will mehr Zeit mit meinen Freunden verbringen

I want to call my parents more often – Ich will meine Eltern öfter anrufen

I want to find my dream job – Ich will mein Traumjob finden

I want to travel more – Ich will mehr reisen

I want to quit smoking – Ich will mit dem Rauchen aufhören

I want to drink less alcohol – Ich will weniger Alkohol trinken

I want to live a healthier lifestyle – Ich will gesunder leben

I want to learn German– Ich will Deutsch lernen 🙂

Do leave a comment and tell me what your Neujahrsvorsätzen are – and if they aren’t on this list, tell me them in English and I’ll give you the German for them! Furthermore, if you have any more suggestions I will add them to the list!


But not everybody bothers with New Year’s resolutions. If you don’t make them, you can say:

Ich mache keine Neujahrsvorsätzen :: I don’t make New Year’s resolutions

Or maybe you usually make them, but you just didn’t make any this year. In that case, you can say:

Ich habe mir in diesem Jahr keine Vorsätze für das kommende Jahr gemacht :: This year, I didn’t make any resolutions for the year ahead

And what about when you break a New Year’s resolution? Then you can (sadly) say:

Ich habe meine Neujahrsvorsätzen (schon) gebrochen :: I have (already) broken my New Year’s resolutions

Which one applies to you?

Bis später!


Constanze x

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About the Author:Constanze

Servus! I'm Constanze. I'm half English and half German. I write here because I'm passionate about my languages and my roots. I also work as a translator & group fitness instructor.


  1. Dana:

    Ich möchte definitiv in 2015 mehr Deutsch lernen 🙂 Ins besondere mehr Vokabel lernen und auf meine Flüssigkeit arbeiten. 🙂 Ich hoffe das war nicht zu schlimm! 😉 Danke für die Informationen! Happy New Year!!

  2. Scott Bailey:

    Dieses Jahr, ich will mehr Romane auf Deutsch lesen!

    • Constanze:

      @Scott Bailey Danke, Scott. Eigentlich will ich das auch tun!
      ps: Es ist besser zu sagen, “Dieses Jahr will ich…”, anstatt “Dieses Jahr, ich will…” 🙂

  3. Carmel Grima (Mr):

    Thank you Constanze. I enjoy your blog and find it useful to learn more about Germany and its customs.

  4. George:

    My name is George and I live in Pennsylvania on the banks of the Delaware River. My New Years resolution is 1) to lose weight and 2) keep learning German. I found Helene Fischer and Andrea Berg on You Tube and fell in love with their German Country Music. I would love to be singing with the people at Andrea Berg’s concerts, they seem so energized and happy. Helene is beautiful and talented. I want to tell her in German that I love her!

    New Years greeted us here with very cold weather and a blanket of snow. There are ice flows covering most of the river. Thank you for the German Blog!

    • Constanze:

      @George Thank you for your comment, George! I wish you all the best with your Neujahrsvorsaetzen! I can’t help you with the weight loss… but I can hopefully help you with the German! As for Helene, tell her, “Ich liebe dich, Helene!”. Enjoy your snowy weather. 🙂

  5. Fernando:

    I found a small mistake over there. Ich habe keine Vorsätze für das kommende Jahr (instead of keinen Vorsätze). Or else keinen Vorsatz. Probably a typo. Gesundes Neues wünsche ich dir noch!

    • Constanze:

      @Fernando Typo! Thank you for pointing it out! Und danke; dir auch!