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Plural Endings Continued Posted by on Jun 17, 2009 in Language

For some neuter nouns the plural endings…

end in -e : das Jahr (s) = die Jahre (p). Meaning = year/years

end in -er : das Kind (s) = die Kinder (p). Meaning = child/children

end in an umlaut + er : das Glas (s) = die Gläser (p). Meaning = glass/glasses

end in -en : das Auge (s) = die Augen (p). Meaning = eye/eyes

have no change in the plural : das Mädchen (s) = die Mädchen (p). Meaning= girl

Some English adopted words will end in -s in the plural : die Party (s) = die Partys. Meaning = party/parties

Some nouns that end in -us or -um may end in -en : das Museum (s) = die Museen (p). Meaning = museum/museums

Nouns ending in -ma may end in -men in the plural : das Thema (s) = die Themen (p). Meaning = topic/topics or subject/subjects

There are certain nouns that are only used in the plural : Leute (people)

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