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Spreewald Posted by on Mar 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

The Spreewald is located between the counties of Spree-Neiße, Dahme-Spreewald and Oberspreewald-Lausitz. It is separated into the bigger Oberspreewald and the Northern, smaller Unterspreewald. Between both partial countryside’s areas the river Spree unites the parts in a small area in the city of Lübben, which is also the biggest town in the Spreewald. The Southern boarder of the Spreewald is the Lausitzer Grenzwall. In the North, the Lieberoser Heide marks the boarder in an impressive and recognizable way.
The Spreewald is also known for its famous Spree Wald Gurken (cucumbers) which have become very famous with the help of the West German economical and financial power after the unification. The city of Cottbus in the state of Brandenburg promotes the cucumbers that grow in the Spreewald in a very efficient way. The Spreewald County was able to promote its uniqueness and advantages within a newly developed tourist industry that has emerged in Germany and the rest of Europe in a very impressive way. There is actually a movement that cherishes the area of the Spreewald and promotes it throughout the rest of the country and the continent. The Spreewald is especially popular in Eastern Europe.

Even though the area of the Spreewald has to struggle with huge numbers of unemployment with percentages of over 20% in some areas, it benefits from the tourist industry that focuses on the myth and atmosphere that is connected with the Spreewald. The people are known as being stubborn, simple, but honest. The Spreewald was not as fortunate as the bordering state of Saxony which can present very successful industries and economical developments. Brandenburg and the Spreewald have become the Ruhrgebiet of East Germany. If anybody visits Germany and includes the usual destinations like the Oktoberfest or Heidelberg, I can only recommend seeing other parts of Germany as well, and the Spreewald should definitely be part of it.

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