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Successful Germans at the 2022 Winter Olympics! Posted by on Feb 11, 2022 in Culture, Sports, Television, Vocabulary

Currently, the Olympischen Winterspiele (Winter Olympic Games) are in full force. While there is contention around them, and plenty of countries decided not to participate due to a host of reasons, Germany did end up sending a delegation. Here’s how Germany’s been doing so far, and some vocabulary for you to understand the Winterolympiade (Winter Olympics) in German. Los geht’s!

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How’s Germany doing at the Winterspiele?

Germany has actually been doing amazingly well so far! As a country, Germany is currently ranked second, just after Norway, with 6 gold medals and 3 silver medals. Not bad! For example, a few days ago, Johannes Ludwig won the goldene Medaille (f, gold medal) in das Rennrodeln (luge) – and Natalie Geisenberger won the women’s Rennrodeln. But that wasn’t all! In the Doppelsitzer (m, double), Tobias Wendl and Tobias Arlt won gold, too. But besides dominating in Rennrodeln, the Germans also did well in other disciplines. Denise Herrmann won gold in der Biathlon, while Vinzenz Geiger won gold in die Nordische Kombination (Nordic Combined). Gratulation!


If you want to see German coverage of the Olympiade, the German website of Eurosport is a good one. They also have many short videos of different events, so if you want to get some German practice in, that could be a good place to go! But of course, they are not the only outlet that reports on the Winterolympiade. If you want to look for one yourself, the following vocabulary can help you, too!

The Sports at the Winter Olympics

Sports Olympics Olympiade German WInter Olympics

Photo by Vytautas Dranginis on Unsplash

There are plenty of Sportarten (f, sports) at the Winterolympiade – 15 in total. Here’s all of them in German:

der/das Biathlon – Biathlon

der Bob – Bobsleigh

das Curling – Curling

das Eishockey – Ice Hockey

der Eiskunstlauf – Figure Skating

der Eisschnelllauf – Speed Skating

die Nordische Kombination – Nordic Combined

das Rennrodeln – Luge

der Shorttrack – Short Track Speed Skating

der Skeleton – Skeleton

der Ski Alpin – Alpine Skiing

der Ski Freestyle – Freestyle Skiing

der Skilanglauf – Cross-country Skiing

das Skispringen – Ski Jumping

das Snowboard – Snowboard


Other Sports Vocabulary

das Olympische Dorf – Olympic Village

der Sportler – sportsman/athlete

der Rennrodler – luger

der Skispringer – ski jumper

der Shorttracker – short track speed skater

das Training – training

das Finale – final

der Trainer – coach

der Sieg – victory

die Siegerehrung – award ceremony

Bronze – bronze

Silber – silver

Gold – Gold

die Niederlage – defeat

Alles geben – to give it everything/to give one’s all

Mühsam – tedious, painstaking

durchkämpfen – to fight through

sich zusammenreißen – to pull oneself together

Have you seen the Winterolympiade in German? What do you think about the games? Let me know in the comments below!


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