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A German Construction Disaster Comes to A Close Posted by on Oct 29, 2020

Finally! After years and years of delays and billions of euros over budget, Berlin’s new airport BER will finally open this Saturday, October 31. Just so you get an idea of how big a deal this is: The airport was supposed to open in 2007. You read that right, not 2017, but 13 years ago! The…

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Nagivating A German Airport: Part 2 Posted by on Nov 2, 2016

Hallo! Last time on the blog I gave you all the vocabulary you need to navigate a German airport. This time I’ll give you vocabulary for things on the aeroplane itself, and some common phrases you might use and hear on a plane.   Vocabulary: On the plane Take-off – die Abfahrt Landing – die…

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Navigating A German Airport Posted by on Oct 26, 2016

Guten Tag! It occurred to me when deciding what to write about next that there is yet to be a post about how to navigate an airport in German. Personally, I find airports extremely stressful – and that’s without the language barriers one might encounter there. I know I’m not the only one who feels…

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