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German School & Childcare Names Posted by on Sep 16, 2020

Guten Tag! As schools are starting up again, I thought it’d be good to give you a run-down of words used in the German school and childcare system. I hope you find this list useful, and that it will clear up any confusion you may have around some of the names (for example: what’s the…

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Nazi Symbols In Thailand Posted by on Mar 20, 2019

Guten Tag! You may know that in Germany it is illegal to publicly display a Nazi symbol, be it on clothing or otherwise. Doing so can land you three years in jail (it is not illegal, however, if it is for the purposes of art). It is also illegal to do the Nazi salute, say…

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The school system in Germany (Bavaria) Posted by on Jul 25, 2016

The school system differs region to region; I always found it very confusing as there are so many different types of schools to choose from. I’ll be using the Bavarian school system as an example in this post to give you an insight on the topic. It all starts with die Grundschule: die Grundschule is…

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Tradition: How Germans celebrate a child’s first day at school – Einschulung Posted by on Nov 22, 2011

A friend of mine, who studies French, is currently in France, where she teaches French students German. In one of her first lessons she wanted to find out to what extend the students were able to communicate in German, so she showed them a picture and asked them to describe what they could see. Although…

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Der Lebenslauf – curriculum vitae Posted by on Oct 8, 2011

Maybe some of you might be in the situation to make an application for a job in Germany. Therefore I thought on helping you a little. So what does an application look like in Germany? Well, the answer is not that simple. It totally depends on the branch of trade you´re working for and, of…

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