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11 Animal-Related Sayings In German Posted by on Nov 17, 2021


Guten Tag! Today I have a light-hearted little post for you where you will get to learn some Sprichwörter (das Sprichwort: The saying/proverb). In particular, this post will focus on Sprichwörter relating to die Tiere (das Tier: animal)! 11 animal-related sayings in German Da steppt der Bär Literally: ‘There dances the bear’ Meaning: “That’s where…

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German Idioms Using Clothes (Part 2) Posted by on Feb 12, 2020

Guten Tag! Carrying on from last week’s post about German idioms using clothes, here are five more phrases you can add to your collection. I hope you enjoy learning them! German Idioms Using Clothes (Part 2) Jemanden etwas in die Schuhe schieben Literally ‘to push something into someone’s shoes’, this idiom means to place the…

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German Idioms Using Clothes (Part 1) Posted by on Feb 5, 2020

Guten Tag! Today we’re looking at some more German idioms. This time, the subject is clothing. German has many idioms that use items of clothing to express a certain meaning. Here you can learn five of them. Let’s go! German Idioms Using Clothes (Part 1) Wo drückt der Schuh? Literally ‘Where does the shoe press…

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German Sayings + Expressions 24: Order and the Drawer Posted by on Aug 15, 2019

Germans are all about Ordnung (order). They love having everything put together and well-defined. No wonder then that there are Sprichwörter (sayings) about this! The Ausdruck (expression) is a reaction to it… Let’s go! For older posts, please follow this link. Ordnung ist das halbe Leben Literally: Order is half of life Cleanliness is next to godliness Order is so important to…

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German Sayings + Expressions 23: Wishes Posted by on Aug 8, 2019

Do you have any Wünsche (wishes) or Verlangen (desires)? Then it is helpful to have words to express this. Today in our sayings and expressions, we look at these wants and how we can accommodate them in the German language. For older posts, please follow this link. Now, let’s start with the Sprichwort (saying)! Der Wunsch ist der Vater des Gedankens Literally: The…

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9 German Food & Drink Idioms Posted by on Apr 19, 2017

Guten Tag! Ich hoffe, es geht euch alle gut. Recently I came across the German idiom klar wie Kloßbrühe, which is the German version of the English ‘clear as crystal’. In German, this idiom literally translates to ‘clear as dumpling broth’. In other words, it has nothing to do with crystal. It had me thinking…

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