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Sayings + Expressions 17: The Senf and the Salat Posted by on Jul 26, 2018

In our series on sayings and expressions, we have gone through many different themes. Today, we will have a look at two food items, that don’t really go together, but work quite complementary in the realm of sayings and expressions. Let’s dive in, and as always, start with the saying! Da haben wir den Salat! Literally…

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German Similes To Make You Smile Posted by on Jun 13, 2018

Guten Tag! After what feels like a lot of grammar and vocabulary posts from me, it’s time for something a little more light-hearted. Today I’d like to bring you a quirky German phrase. The phrase is: grinsen wie ein Honigkuchenpferd. Grinsen wie ein Honigkuchenpferd This phrase translates to ‘To smile like a honey cake horse’…

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Sayings + Expressions 16 – Drehen Posted by on Feb 15, 2018

In this long series of Sayings + Expressions, we have come across a lot. It might make your head spin. And that is why today, we will be talking about drehen (to spin). Because believe it or not, there are Sprichwörter (sayings) and Ausdrücke (expressions) with spinning too! Let’s start, as always, with the Sprichwort. Einen alten Baum verpflanzt man nicht…

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A Unique German Way To Say It’s Snowing Posted by on Feb 7, 2018

Guten Tag! Is it snowing where you live? For me, there’s nothing better than that moment of seeing snow outside and exclaiming Es schneit! to whoever will listen. Today I’d like to give you a very different way of saying ‘It’s snowing’ in German. Frau Holle schüttelt ihre Betten aus A unique way of saying…

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Sayings + Expressions 15 – Die Sau! Posted by on Jan 22, 2018

Sayings and expressions! It’s been quite some time, so let’s have some fun with two today – related to the Sau (sow). The Schwein (pig) and the Sau (sow) in particular have widespread meaning in the German language. So this post might get a follow up! Let’s start today – beginning with the expression! Check here for previous posts in this series…

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20 Motivational Sayings In German Posted by on Jul 31, 2017

Guten Tag! Ich hoffe, es geht euch gut! 🙂 Sometimes we lack in motivation, be it for our work, chores – and even our language learning. At times it can feel like we’ve hit a wall, like we aren’t good enough, or like our efforts over the months aren’t paying off. But that’s not true…

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Sayings + Expressions 14 – Money II (+ Time) Posted by on Jun 12, 2017

Today, as promised, we will talk about money again. Making money is what you probably do on a Montag (Monday) anyway. But it is also Monday, the international day for mourning the end of the weekend. So, I thought, let’s take the bitter out of that bittersweet feeling, and include time in today’s post. Time…

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