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How To Express ‘I Don’t Understand’ In German Posted by on Feb 23, 2022

Guten Tag! Today I’m going to give you some vocabulary and phrases for those times when you don’t understand. Even in our native languages, we sometimes need a person to repeat what they’ve said, so it’s a useful set of vocabulary to have. Comprehension aside, we sometimes say we don’t understand because we need clarification…

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Responding To ‘Wie Geht’s?’ In German Posted by on Oct 12, 2021

Guten Tag! Wie geht’s? In my last post, we looked at alternative ways of saying this phrase, which means ‘How are you?’ in German. In this post, we’re going to look at alternative responses you can give, aside from the standard ‘Gut, danke’ (‘Good, thanks’). After all, what if you’re not feeling good? Or what…

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4 Ways to Identify a German Speaking English Posted by on Jun 28, 2021

German Accent oder English pronunciation

Sometimes you hear somebody’s accent, and it’s clear that they are from some European country. But which one? It often depends on the native language of the speaker. So let’s look at 3 ways that you can identify a German speaking English. The next time you hear somebody speaking like this, you could show off…

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Ways To Say “I Don’t Mind” In German Posted by on Apr 28, 2021

i don't mind

Guten Tag! Whilst it’s fairly easy to express yourself with yes and no in German, do you know how to say “I don’t mind”? How do you respond if someone presents a couple of options to you, and you don’t mind either way which one is chosen? Alternatively, how do you let someone know –…

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4 Tips to Improve Your German Accent as an American Posted by on Mar 11, 2021

Learning German can be hard enough. But then there’s also the German pronunciation. As an American, it can be daunting to get this right, especially because German sounds so different from American. But it can be done! I remember meeting an American some years ago, and before he told me that he was from the…

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Sprechen, Reden, Sagen – What’s The Difference? Posted by on Nov 18, 2020

Guten Tag! Recently I wrote a post recapping the verb sprechen – to speak, talk, or say. Like in English, there are several words in German with similar meanings to the word sprechen. I thought it might be useful as a follow-up post to go through some of these words and give some example sentences…

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The German Verb ‘Sprechen’ (To Speak) Posted by on Nov 10, 2020

Guten Tag! In this ‘back to basics’ post, we’re going to look at the conjugation of the German verb sprechen – to speak. A very appropriate verb for your language learning! 🙂 Sprechen is an irregular German verb, meaning that both its endings and its stem will sometimes change. Here are a few conjugations of…

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