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The Accusative Posted by on Jul 29, 2009 in Language

The accusative case marks the direct object in a sentence. The direct object is the person or thing doing the receiving.

Here are the accusative forms for the definite article:

Masculine  (den)

Feminine (die)

Neuter (das)

Plural (die)

Here are the indefinite forms:

masculine (einen)

feminine (eine)

neuter (ein)

plural (keine)

You might see some interrogative pronouns in the accusative. In English, this would be ‘whom’?

masculine (wen)

feminine (wen)

neuter (wen)

plural (wen)

Yay! All the forms are the same for the interrogative pronouns!¬†Too bad that’s not the case for the indefinite and definite forms.

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