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The Weather in the Past, Present and Future Tense Posted by on Oct 29, 2015 in Language

Munich is looking beautiful this time of year with the seasons changing to autumn and the trees turning brilliant shades of gelb, orange und rot (yellow, orange and red)! This post is to help you say what the weather was, is and will be like.

2015-10-29 21.33.34

Der Herbst, own photo.

Grund Vokabular:

Basic vocabulary:

Die Sonne                                  The sun

Der Regen                              The rain

Das Gewitter                         Thunderstorm

Die Wolke(n)                         The cloud(s)

Der Nebel                                The fog

Der Sturm                           The storm

Die Flut                                 The flood

Die Hitzewelle                 The heatwave


die Jahreszeiten:

The seasons:

Der Frühling           Spring

Der Sommer          Summer

Der Herbst             Autumn

Der Winter            Winter


And now we’re going to put those basic words into a sentence in the present tense:

Es ist sonnig                                It is sunny

Es regnet                                     It is raining

Es ist wolkig                               It is cloudy

Es ist nebelig                              It is foggy

Es ist Sturmisch                            It is stormy

Es donnert und blitzt                     There is thunder and lightening

Es gibt eine Überflutung               There is a flood

Es fühlt sich an wie Sommer          It feels like Summer


Es ist wolkig. Own photo.









Sentences you can use for the future tense:

Morgen wird es sonnig                                          It will be sunny tomorrow

Nächste woche wird es regnen                             Next week it will rain

Heute abend wird es nebel geben                It will be foggy this evening

Am wochenende wird es nebelig                                This weekend will be foggy

Wir werden dieses Jahr einen kalten Winter haben       We will have a cold winter this year


A few sentences in the past tense:

Gestern war es sehr wolkig                                       It was very cloudy yesterday

Letzte nacht gab es Donner und Blitz           There was thunder and lightning last night

Letzte woche war es sonnig                                      Last week it was sunny

Gestern war es Herbstlich                                    Yesterday felt like it was autumn



Own photo

To end with here is a question in German. See if you can figure out what it says and leave your answer in the comment section below!


Welche ist deine Lieblingsjahreszeit?

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  1. Scott Bailey:

    Ich habe lieber Frühling, wann die Blumen kommen!

  2. Natasha:

    When you said the translation for “it feels like summer” you pharsed it “Es fühlt sich an wie Sommer”, in this instance is an acting as a preposition or is it a separable prefix? If it is a preposition, why would you use the preposition an in this instance?

    • Larissa:

      @Natasha Hi Natasha!
      It is indeed a separable prefix. Together it would be “anfühlen” but in this sentence you separate it to say “fühlt sich an”.
      Hope that helps 🙂