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The World’s Largest Pumpkin Festival Posted by on Oct 29, 2019 in Culture, Food, Uncategorized

There is nothing that screams Autumn (and Halloween) more, than pumpkins! Although pumpkins originate from South America, I was surprised to find out that the world’s largest pumpkin festival is actually held in Germany – in Ludwigsburg Castle. This year marks the twentieth year that the Kürbisaustellung (pumpkin exhibition) has been held, with over 400,000 pumpkins being used and over 450 species of pumpkins on display.

As the pumpkins are regional, it means their transport is minimal, and therefore umweltfreundlich (environmentally friendly). Each year they pick out a theme (this year it is fairytales), and produce big sculptures made from pumpkins, straw, and wood.

You can also eat a lot of pumpkin based foods: Kürbis Maultaschen (pumpkin with meat filled ravioli), Kürbissuppe (pumpkin soup) and Kürbis Strudel (pumpkin strudel). There are stalls which also offer pumpkin specialties to take home with you. For example pasta made out of pumpkin, pumpkin sparkling wine (I have never heard or seen anything like this before!) or different types of pumpkins to eat or use as decoration.

Pumpkins don’t just taste great, but they are also very healthy. They contain vitamins and minerals, (vitamin A, B, C, iron, magnesium, calcium) and fiber. Pumpkin seeds also contain good fats.

The pumpkin festival also holds a pumpkin weight judging contest, and even race hollow pumpkins down the river. So if you are as much of a pumpkin fan as I am, this is the best place to be!

Vocabulary for pumpkin fans:

der Kürbis                                   pumpkin
die Kürbisse                               pumpkins
die Kürbisaustellung                pumpkin exhibition
die Kunst                                   art
umweltfreundlich                    environmentally friendly
das Kürbis Secco                       pumpkin prosecco
die Kürbissuppe                        pumpkin soup
die Kürbis                                  Maultaschen pumpkin ravioli
der Kürbis Strudel                    pumpkin strudel
die Ballaststoffe                       fiber
das Eisen                                    iron
das Kalzium                               calcium
das Magnesium                        magnesium
die Mineralien                           minerals
die Vitamine                               vitamins
der Wettlauf                               the race
der Herbst                                 Autumn/Fall

Do you have a similar pumpkin festival where you live? If so, let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Joe McNemar:

    The Circleville Pumpkin Show just celebrated the 113th show. This year’s Giant Pumpkin was a little smaller than past winners at 1,421.5 lbs (644,8 kg). Website:

    • Larissa:

      @Joe McNemar Wow 113th show!! I wonder what they do with such massive pumpkins after the show!

      Thank you for the info Joe,


      • Joe McNemar:

        @Larissa After The Pumpkin Show, the giant pumpkins are usually carved into giant jack-o-lanterns. Some are shipped to other locations to show off the large size.