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10 Most Popular Greek Posts of 2015 Posted by on Dec 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

December will end soon so it’s time for a Top of 2015! The posts 9 and 8 are written  by dareios, the former blogger.

10. Love talks


A list of words and expressions related to love. Don’t be afraid to use them, just make sure you mean them!

9. Greek superstitions

Do you want your Greek mother-in-low to like you? Do you know what happens if a ladybug lands on you? Read this post with the most popular Greek superstitions.

8. Greek numbers 1-20

Learners who have just started learning Greek, can find a table with the numbers from 1-20 followed by a video with the pronunciation.

7. Greek idiomatic expressions describing feelings and mood

See how such a simple question as τι κάνεις; (how are you?) can take many possible answers.

6. Reading Suggestions for Greek Learners

photo by a1pha_gr@flickr

photo by a1pha_gr@flickr

A list of books and online sources related to reading for students of A2-C2 level.

5. Say the colors in Greek

by Rania

by Rania

A list of adjectives and expressions related to colors for beginners and intermediate students.

4. The 100 Most Common Words in Greek

A list of the most common 100 Greek words. Please, note that it is not based on any official research.

3. “Come on! Hey! Come again?” Examples of the use of ela

Έλα (come) is one of the most common Greek words. In this post there is a list of its meanings that cannot be found in a textbook.

2. Free Samples of Modern Greek Language Books


If you don’t know what book to use, you can take a look at some free samples of books for students of all levels.

1. When a baby is born

(by Funky Shapes on

(by Funky Shapes on

There are many traditions and customs related to newborns, some of which have been the subject of negative criticism. There is also a short list of expressions that would be useful if you ever go to a Greek christening.

Thank you all for your support! Stay tuned for more!

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