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Question vs request confusion Posted by on Feb 28, 2017

Greek learners often mix up the use of ρωτάω and ζητάω. Both verbs mean “to ask”. In the examples below, you can see the use of these verbs. Ρωτάω (question) Ο Νίκος ρώτησε τι ώρα είναι. Nikos asked the time (lit: Nikos asked what time it was). Η Σοφία ρώτησε πού είναι η Μαρία. Sophia…

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Make a wish in Greek Posted by on Feb 15, 2017

We all make wishes in our everyday life. If you want to express a hope or wish in Greek, this post might be useful.   Phrases Tenses Μακάρι Παρατατικός (Past Continuous) Τι καλά Αόριστος (Past Simple)   Θα ήθελα  να (μην) Συνεχής Υποτακτική (Subj. Continuous)   Θα μου άρεσε Απλή Υποτακτική (Simple Subj.) Θα μου άρεσε Παρακείμενος…

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Formal and Informal Greek words Posted by on Feb 8, 2017

In order to communicate effectively, we have to adjust the way we speak according to the social situations. When learning a new language, we focus on informal words and expressions. Even if we do not use formal language, we have to be able to understand words used in announcements and other contexts. In this post, there…

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