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Greek vocabulary expansion: the time Posted by on Mar 30, 2019

Tomorrow Greece and the other European countries will have daylight saving time. In this post, there is a list of phrases and words related to time, which will expand your vocabulary.   #1. Daylight saving time: η θερινή ώρα Η θερινή ώρα εφαρμόζεται μέχρι το τέλος του Οκτωβρίου. / Daylight Saving Time is applied until…

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Greek history quiz Posted by on Mar 24, 2019

The 25th of March (Η εικοστή-πέμπτη Μαρτίου) is an important day for Greece. It is a national holiday and we celebrate the revolution against the Ottomans. In this post, there is a quiz related to the 25th of March and the Greek Revolution. Enjoy!     #1. Which was the first country that recognized the…

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Greek Culture: Past and Present Posted by on Mar 13, 2019

Γεια σας! This post is about some old traditions and habits which are not strictly followed now.   #1. The afternoon nap In the past, people used to take a nap between 2-4 p.m. Nowadays, in the big cities, most people have no time to sleep in the afternoon. The afternoon nap is called «μεσημεριανός…

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