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“Black” vocabulary in Greek Posted by on Oct 31, 2014 in Vocabulary

Καλό Χάλοουην! (Kalo Halloween, Have a nice Halloween). In Greece we don’t celebrate the Halloween but we are familiar with it through movies and series.

by WxMom under a CC license on Flickr

by WxMom under a CC license on Flickr

In Greek mytholody, the God of the Underword was Hades (Άδης). His kigdom was dark and never reached by the sun and no one was allowed to go back to the Upper World. Only three men managed to enter Hades’ kingdom and to go back to Earth. Hades’ partner was Percephone, the daughter of goddess Demetra. She was abducted by Hades and leaved six months in the underworld and six months on Earth.

Since there are no “Halloween Greek words”, below there’s a list of words related to Halloween translated in Greek.

Bat: η νυχτερίδα (ee neehtereeda)

black cat: η μαύρη γάτα (ee mavree gata)

broom: η σκούπα (ee skoupa)

coffin: το φέρετρο (to feretro)

corpse: το πτώμα (to ptoma)

dead: νεκρός- νεκρή (nekros, nekree)

darkness: το σκοτάδι (to skotadee)

to disguise: ντύνομαι, μεταμφιέζομαι (deenomai, metamfiezomai)

feast, party: η γιορτή (ee giortee)

full moon: η πανσέληνος (ee panseleenos)

ghost: το φάντασμα (to fantasma)

graveyard: το νεκροταφείο (to nekrotafeeo)

horror: ο τρόμος (o tromos)

lantern: το φαναράκι (to fanarakee)

monster: το τέρας (to teras)

moon: τo φεγγάρι (to fegaree)

pumpkin: η κολοκύθα (ee kolokeetha)

to scare, to be scared: τρομάζω (tromazo)

scary: τρομακτικός, τρομακτική, τρομακτικό (tromaktikos, tromaktikee, tromakteeko)

skeleton: o σκελετός (o skeletos)

skull: η νεκροκεφαλή (ee nekrokefalee)

by lobo235 under a CC licenson Flickr

by lobo235 under a CC licenson Flickr

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