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Pas kala? Exrpess anger in Greek! Posted by on Nov 4, 2014 in Culture, Videos, Vocabulary

One of the stereotypes about Greeks is that they get angry very often and that they use bad language. Although it’s true that the Greek language is rich in slang and idioms that we use when we get angry, cursing is socially acceptable only in football fields or in places where teenagers hang out.
Below, there’s a list of the most standard expressions that we use when we get angry. Do not read this post if you don’t like inappropriate language.

Beegee49 under a CC licence on Flickr

Beegee49 under a CC licence on Flickr


Μαλάκας / μαλάκω  (malakas, malako): jerk(masculine and feminine).  It’s one of the most common Greek words. We use it when we are angry with someone: «Φύγε από δω ρε μαλάκα!» (feege apo do re malaka)=  Go away jerk! We also use it to express disbelief, astonishment or admiration:  «Η Μαρία κέρδισε 100000 ευρώ.» «Τι λες ρε μαλάκα;» (Ee Maria kerdise ekato heeleeades evro. Ti les re malaka)=  “Maria won 100000 euros.” “What are you talking about, jerk?”

Μαλακία, μαλακίες (malakia, malakies): bullshit.  E.g: Δεν αντέχω άλλο τις μαλακίες σου! (Den anteho allo tees malakies sou)= I can’t stand your bullshit anymore.


Παράτα μας (parata mas): bugger off. Literally it means “abandon us”.


Χέσε με (hese me): leave me alone in bad language. Literally translated it means “shit on me”. We also say χέσε μας (hese mas) which means “shit on us” and is more emphatic.

Ρε (re): it’s an interjection. We use it in different contexts with people we know well to show different emotions. It could be translated as “hey”, “you”, “man”, “dude” etc. When we use it to express anger it’s rude. E.g:  “Δε μας χέζεις ρε μαλάκα;» (de mas hezeis re malaka)= Why don’t you shit on us (re) jerk? (in direct translation).

Μου τα ΄πρηξες (mou ta preexes):  I had enough. Literally, “you have swollen my balls”.

We also use many compound words formed by:
Κωλο- (kolo): from κώλος (kolos), which means “ass”.
Σκατο- (skato): from σκατό (skato), which means  “shit”.
Βρομο- (vromo): from βρόμικος (vromikos), which means  “dirty”.
E.g.: Φύγε από ‘δω κωλόπαιδο / σκατόπαιδο / βρoμόπαιδο! (Feege apo do kolopaido / skatopaido / vromopaido)= Go away  shity / filthy child!

Άντε στο διάολο! / α στο διάλο! (Ande sto diaolo / astodialo): go to hell. We use it when we are angry but also to express disbelief.

Πας καλά; (pas kala): are you out of your mind? E.g.: «Τι έκανες; Πας καλά;» (Tee ekanes? Pas kala?) “What have you done? Are you out of your mind?”


There’s also a gesture that we make, the famous moutza (μούτζα): the palm is facing the other person’s face and the fingers are extended.  This is the most insulting gesture to make.


Examples of moutza:




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