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Full Moon 2018: Something’s happening in Greece! Posted by on Aug 6, 2018 in Culture, Vocabulary

For most Greeks August is the month of summer holidays. It is  time to relax, to meet family and friends and also to enjoy many cultural events which will take place in 95 archaeological sites all over the country from the 24th to the 27th of August. If you are in Greece, don’t miss the opportunity! The entrance is free (η είσοδος είναι ελεύθερη).

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This institution is called Πανσέληνος 2018 (Full moon 2018). Last year, there were more than 75000 visitors. The events include:

  • ξεναγήσεις (guided tours)
  • συναυλίες (concerts)
  • θεατρικές παραστάσεις (theatrical performances)
  • χορό (dance)
  • ποίηση (poetry)
  • εικαστικά (visual arts)

If you don’t speak Greek and are not particularly interested in the happenings, you will still have the chance to watch the full moon on the 26th of August in any of the 132 sites that will be open.  The places you can visit can be an ancient temple, (αρχαίος ναός), a Venetian castle (ενετικό κάστρο) ,a theater (θέατρο), a stadium (στάδιο), a cave (σπήλαιο), a church (εκκλησία), an archaeological or byzantine museum (αρχαιολογικό ή βυζαντινό μουσείο), an archaeological site (αρχαιολογικός  χώρος), and a mosque (τζαμί).

The institution Πανσέληνος 2018 (Full moon 2018) is part of the events organized during the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. The list of the events has not been announced yet. If you wish to find more information on archaeological sites, museums and cultural events, you can visit the web page of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

If you want to ask information from the locals, you can use some of the following phrases:

  1. Will the castle / site / temple / theater be open? : Το κάστρο / ο αρχαιολογικός χώρος / ο ναός / το θέατρο θα είναι ανοιχτό(ς) ;
  2. Can I go / Can we go to the castle to see the full moon?: Μπορώ να πάω / Μπορούμε να πάμε στο κάστρο να δούμε την πανσέληνο;
  3. How much time will the site be open?: Πόση ώρα θα είναι ανοιχτός ο χώρος;
  4. Can I bring water and food?: Μπορώ να φέρω νερό και φαγητό;
  5. Is there a place to leave my car?: Υπάρχει μέρος να παρκάρω;
  6. How far is the site?: Πόσο μακριά είναι ο χώρος;

Να έχετε έναν υπέροχο Αύγουστο! Have a great August!


Myriams-Fotos via Pixabay

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