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Greek medals in athletics Posted by on Aug 13, 2018 in News, Vocabulary

July has been a depressing month because of the disastrous wildfires which took place in Attica. Fortunately, August came bringing good news: the Greek team has won four medals so far at the European Athletics Championship (Ευρωπαϊκό Πρωτάθλημα Στίβου) held in Berlin! Μπράβο Ελλάδα!


By Kurious via Pixabay


Katerina Stefanidi (Κατερίνα Στεφανίδη), the pole vaulter who won a gold medal in the Rio Olympics, won the first place and set a new record after clearing 4.85 meters. The silver medal is won by another Greek athlete, Nikol Kyriakopoulou (Νικόλ Κυριακοπούλου) with 4.80 meters.

Another gold medal was won in triple jump by Voula Papachristou (Βούλα Παπαχρήστου) who jumped 14.60 meters.

Maria Belibasaki (Μαρία Μπελιμπασάκη) a sprinter from Crete, won the silver medal  finishing 400 meters in 50.45, which is a national record.

Miltos Tentoglou (Μίλτος Τεντόγλου), the youngest athlete in the Greek team, jumped 8.25 meters and won the gold medal in long jump.

The athletes wore a black ribbon as a sign of mourning and declared that they dedicate their medals to the memory of those who lost their lives in the wildfires.

Below there is a list of words and phrases related to Athletics and sports in general.

μετάλλιο (το): medal

κερδίζω μετάλλιο: to win a medal

αφιερώνω το μετάλλιο: to dedicate the medal

χρυσό: gold

αργυρό / ασημένιο: silver

χάλκινο: bronze

στίβος (ο): athletics

αθλητής (ο), αθλήτρια (ο): athlete

πρωταθλητής (ο), πρωταθλήτρια (η): champion

πρωτάθλημα (το): champion

σημαία (η): flag

νίκη (η):  victory

έμβλημα (το): emblem

εθνικός ύμνος (ο): national anthem

στάδιο (το): stadium

προπονητής (ο), προπονήτρια (η): coach


By annca via Pixabay


 Τα αγωνίσματα του στίβου /  Track and field events

άλμα σε μήκος (το): long jump

άλμα σε ύψος (το): high jump

άλαμα τριπλούν (το): triple jump

άλμα επί κοντώ (το): pole vault

δρόμοι ταχύτητας (οι): sprints

δρόμοι μεσαίων αποστάσεων (οι): middle-distance running

δρόμοι με εμπόδια (οι): hurdling

δρόμοι μεγάλων αποστάσεων (οι): long distance running

βάδην (το): race walking

σκυταλοδρομία (η): relay race

σφαιροβολία (η): shot put

σφυροβολία (η): hammer throw

ακοντισμός (ο): javelin throw

δισκοβολία (η): discus throw


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