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Popular Greek songs of the last decade (Part 2) Posted by on Dec 18, 2019 in Music, Videos

Γεια σας! Last week I posted three of my favorite songs of the last ten years. Today, I will share with you some of the most popular Greek songs from 2010 to 2016.


Monsieur Minimal – Κι αν χαθείς (Ki an hathees)


APURIMAC και Έλλη Πασπαλά – Mi ultimo tango en Atenas (My last tango in Athens)

The lyrics are written in Spanish but all the words are of Greek origin.


Σταύρος Σιόλας & Φωτεινή Βελεσιώτου – Διόδια (Thiothia)


Ελεωνόρα Ζουγανέλη &Κώστας Λειβαδάς – Η επιμονή σου (Ee epimoni sou)


Γιάννης Χαρούλης – Σου μιλώ και κοκκινίζεις (Sou milo ke kokinizis)

The original version was composed in 1999 by Διονύσης Σαββόπουλος (Dionysis Savopoulos).


Ρένα Μόρφη – Όταν σου χορεύω (Otan sou horevo)


Φωτογραφία από Νίκος Βασιλειάδης από το Pixabay

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About the Author: Ourania

Ourania lives in Athens. She holds a degree in French Literature and a Master’s degree in Special Education for Children. Since 2008, she has been teaching Greek to foreigners.

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