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A farewell to Mikis Theodorakis Posted by on Sep 6, 2021

Greece is mourning for the loss of Mikis Theodorakis who passed away on the 2nd of September. He was known worldwide as the composer of the music of the film Ζorba the Greek (1964). He was born in 1925 and he had origins from Crete and Minor Asia. He composed chamber music, operas, oratorios, symphonies…

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Let’s celebrate with a Greek song Posted by on Dec 31, 2020

It is time to say goodbye to 2020. Although it has been a tough year, full of new painful experiences for many of us, we will say goodbye with a Greek song. Πάει ο παλιός χρόνος (There goes the old year) is a traditional song we sing everywhere in Greece on the 1st of January…

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Popular Greek songs of the last decade (Part 2) Posted by on Dec 18, 2019

Γεια σας! Last week I posted three of my favorite songs of the last ten years. Today, I will share with you some of the most popular Greek songs from 2010 to 2016. 2010 Monsieur Minimal – Κι αν χαθείς (Ki an hathees) 2012 APURIMAC και Έλλη Πασπαλά – Mi ultimo tango en Atenas…

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Popular Greek songs of the last decade (Part 1) Posted by on Dec 12, 2019

Γεια σας! There are only few days before this decade ends and the next posts will be related to the music produced the last ten years. Today, I will present you three popular Greek songs, which also happen to be some of my favorites. 1. Μαρίνα Σάττι – Μάντισσα (Marina Satti, The Fortune – teller)…

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Time for a Greek song! Posted by on Aug 29, 2019

Γεια σας! It is time to explore Greek music, so the topic of this post is Με γέλασαν τα πουλιά, a Greek folk song from Thrace (Θράκη). The version I chose to present is by Θανάσης Ζήκας (Thanasis Zikas) and Εύη Σεϊτανίδου (Evi Seytanidou), known as Καντινέλια (Kadinelia). If you ever have the chance…

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Greek Children’s songs Posted by on Oct 9, 2016

Γεια σας! In this post there are five children’s songs with their lyrics. They are very old and if you have a Greek γιαγιά (grandmother) or παππού (grandfather) who lived in Greece when they were toddlers, they are likely to remember at least one of them. Φεγγαράκι μου λαμπρό Φεγγαράκι μου λαμπρό φέγγε μου να…

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Music vocabulary in Greek Posted by on Feb 29, 2016

At the moment, Greece is sliding into one of the most serious humanitarian crisis, in its modern history. For some of us who are incurable dreamers, the only antidote is art. In ancient Greek mythology, the god Apollo (Απόλλων) was the leader of the Nine Muses (Εννέα Μούσες) who were nymphs associated to arts: Ερατώ (Erato)…

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