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Samples of Modern Greek textbooks Posted by on Aug 22, 2017 in reading, Uncategorized

Γεια σας! In an older post from 2004, there was a list of free samples of Greek textbooks. In this post, there are more suggestions. You can also find some free pdf files.

  1. Ελληνικά για σας (Greek for you): a bilingual series for levels A0-A1 and A2. There are explanations in English, French, Russian, Albanian and Turkish.

There are free samples here: http://www.greekforyou.eu/BookSamples/A1/A1English.aspx

2.  Κλικ στα ελληνικά, published by the Centre for the Greek language.  (Klik sta ellinika, levels A1-B2). Find free samples here: https://klikstaellinika.com/free-samples/

3. Ξεκινώντας, published by the Hellenic American Union (levels A1, A2)

You can see the index here: http://www.hau.gr/resources/uploads/2011-05-ksekinontas/index.html

4. Free book from the General Secretariat for Lifelong Learning (A1 level) http://www.gsae.edu.gr/en/ It is suitable for immigrants.(http://www.gsae.edu.gr/attachments/article/803/ΒΙΒΛΙΟ%20Α1.pdf)

Exercise book: http://www.gsae.edu.gr/attachments/article/803/ΤΕΤΡΑΔΙΟ%20ΑΣΚΗΣΕΩΝ_1.pdf

5. Milao, for Dutch speakers, Dafni Alverti, Despina Moysiadou (A1 level). You can find online material for the students here: https://www.coutinho.nl/milao/studiemateriaal/hoofdstukken.html

6. Ταξίδι στην Ελλάδα 1, 2, 3, εκδόσεις Γρηγόρη (Taxidi stin Ellada  1, 2, 3 for levels A1-C2). Find samples here:




7. Νέα ελληνικά για ξένους http://www.grigorisbooks.gr/product/1274/νέα-ελληνικά-για-ξένους εκδόσεις Γρηγόρη. Levels B2-C1.



And a free dictionary:

Εικονογραφημένο λεξικό από το ΚΕΔΑ (Free Illustrated dictionary from the Centre of Intercultural Education ). You can download it here: http://repository.edulll.gr/edulll/handle/10795/901





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