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Texting and Tweeting in Greek Posted by on Sep 11, 2013 in Vocabulary

What does TLM mean? Does S AGP  has anything to do with graphics? What if someone sends you FLK?

The first mobile phones appeared in Greece in the mid 90’s and a few years later they were accessible to anyone. Texting was very popular among younger users , who were using prepaid SIM cards, but could not afford to spend money and time on it. The long Greek words are completely inappropriate for texting, so this is how the first acronyms and shortcuts were born. Their main characteristic is the elimination of vowels.

There’s a variety of acronyms and shortcuts used while texting or chatting in Greek. Some of them are English (thx), Greek (τλμ) or English in Greek characters (ασαπ, asap). However, the official language of texting is Greeklish (i.e. Greek in Latin characters: tlm). The characteristic of the shortcuts is the elimination of vowels.

Below, there’s a list with the basic shortcuts and acronyms. If you think that this list is incomplete, feel free to leave a comment.




   Greek / Greeklish


   Meaning    Meaning in Enlish
μνμ, mnm μήνυμα (minima) message
κλμ, klm καλημέρα (kalimera) good morning
s agp σ’αγαπώ  (sagapo) I love you
φλκ, flk φιλάκια (filakia) kisses
τλμ , tlm τα λέμε (taleme) talk to you
tkns? τι κάνεις  (ti kaneis?) how are you?
ασαπ, asap                  – as soon as possible
ακα, aka                  – also known as
λολ, lol                  – laugh out loud
πμ, pm πες μου (pes mou) tell me
τεσπα, tespa τέλος πάντων (telos panton) anyways
τπτ, tpt τίποτα (tipota) nothing
κτλβ, ktlv κατάλαβα (katalava) I got it
δλδ, dld δηλαδή (diladi) that is
γτ, gt γιατί  (yati) why
επδ, epd επειδή (epidi) because
κ, k και  (ke) and
xl χάλια (halia) really bad
μ, m με, μου (me, mou) me /with,  my
τ, t το (to), τα (ta) the (neuter, singular, plural)
τν, tn τον, την, (ton, tin) the (referring to a masc.or feminine noun)
8elo θέλω (thelo) I want
x3ro ξέρω (xero) I know
dn x3ro δεν ξέρω (den xero) I don’t know
ακμ, akm ακόμα (akoma) still, yet
λπν, lpn λοιπόν (lipon) so
σκ, sk σαββατοκύριακο (savvatokiriako) weekend
prls τις προάλλες  (tis proales) a few days ago


Twitter in Greek

After a few years of its launch, Twitter finally entered the Greek parliament and media. Politicians, journalists, and tv personas τουιτάρουν (tweetaroun, they tweet) their photos and public appearances and build their network of followers.

The Greek version of Twitter is still on testing phase and might have errors.

English Greek
Home Αρχική σελίδα (arhiki selida)
Connect Διασύνδεση (diasindesi)
Discover Ανακάλυψε (anakalipse)
Me Εγώ (ego)
View my profile page Προβολή της σελίδας του προφίλ μου (provoli tis selidas profil mou)
Who to follow Ποιούς να ακολουθήσεις (pious na akolouthisis)
Refresh Ανανέωση (ananeosi)
Follow Ακολούθησε (akolouthise)
Compose new Tweet Γράψε ένα νέο Tweet (grapse ena neo tweet)
search Αναζήτηση (anazitisi)
Edit profile Επεξεργασία του προφίλ (epexergasia tou profil)
Direct messages Άμεσα μηνύματα (amesa minimata)
Lists Λίστες (listes)
Help Βοήθεια (voeethia)
Settings Ρυθμίσεις (rithmisis)
Sign out Αποσύνδεση (aposindesi)
Share via email Κοινοποίηση μέσω email (kinopiisi meso email)
Embed tweet Ενσωμάτωση Tweet (ensomatosi tweet)
Report tweet Αναφορά Tweet (anafora tweet)
Expand Επέκταση (epektasi)
Reply Απάντηση (apandisi)
Favorite Αγαπημένο (agapimeno)
More Περισσότερα (perissotera)
Retweet Αναμεταδόθηκε από (anametadothike apo)
username Όνομα Χρήστη (onoma hristi)


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  1. Marika:

    Great article, as always!

    • Ourania:

      @Marika Thank you Marika 🙂

  2. Galini:

    I don’t even understand some of the abbreviations even though I am greek. I guess they are used more in ages under 20-23?
    Nice to see them though! 🙂 thank you!

    • Ourania:

      @Galini Thank you for your comment.
      Personally, I don’t use abbreviations (and I am more than 23 years old 🙂 ).I think that abbreviations are used by people who are into texting and chatting regardless of their age.

  3. Eleni:

    Fascinating. Would you be kind enough to advise me how to type texts in Greek. I have an English keyboard on all my devices and live in Australia. But i have many relatives i wish to write Greek to as they have no understanding of my English. Not greeklish but proper Greek, thankyou