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Traveling virtually to Greece Posted by on Nov 10, 2018 in Vocabulary

If you learn Greek but have not visited Greece nor Cyprus yet, you might find interesting to watch travel shows online. Intermediate and advanced students can also work on listening comprehension.  In this post, there is a brief presentation of three travel shows and a list of relevant words.


wpaczocha via Pixabay

Bus Diaries

Eleni Ksenou (Ελένη Ξένου)a journalist  from Cyprus, presents non widely known destinations which have not been affected by tourism. She travels by bus and meets people who live their dream in Cyprus.  The language is Greek and there are English subtitles.


Ταξιδεύοντας στην Ελλάδα (Traveling to Greece)

Magia Tsokli (Μάγια Τσόκλη) takes us to many different places in Greece and presents traditional settlements, monuments, resorts and restaurants. The language is Greek with no subtitles.


Μένουμε Ελλάδα (We live in Greece)

Renia Tsitsibikou (Ρένια Τσιτσιμπίκου) and Petros Koublis (Πέτρος Κουμπλής) present known and less known destinations  in Greece, focusing on the life of people: the “heroes” of their show are people who left the big cities to live in rural areas, alternative farmers and representatives of volunteer and local organizations. The language is Greek with no subtitles.


Karpathos island by analogicus via Pixabay


Λέξεις  (Words)

ταξιδεύω: to travel

ταξίδι (το): trip

λεωφορείο (το): bus

μέσα μεταφοράς (το μέσο μεταφοράς): means of transport

αφετηρία (η): point of departure

αναχώρηση (η): departure

προορισμός (ο): destination

διαδρομή (η): route

εξερευνώ:  to explore

εξερεύνηση (η): exploration

οδοιπορικό (το): travelogue

δράση (η): action

αγροτουρισμός (ο): agritourism

ξενώνας (ο): inn, hostel

παραδοσιακός οικισμός (ο): traditional settlement

μνημείο (το): monument

ναός (ο): temple

τέχνη (η): art

περιπέτεια (η): adventure

δράση (η): action

εναλλακτική καλλιέργεια (η): alternative farming

φύση (η): nature

θάλασσα (η): sea

βουνό (το): mountain

ποτάμι (το): river

λίμνη (το): lake

παραλία (η): beach

δάσος (το), δρυμός (ο): forest

τοπικά προϊόντα (το τοπικό προϊόν): local products

εθελοντής (ο), εθελόντρια (η): volunteer


Cyprus by dimitrisvetsikas1969 via Pixabay

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