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Karva Chauth Posted by on Oct 25, 2010

Karva Chauth (करवा चौथ) is an event when married women fast and pray for their husband’s health and long life. Women apply henna to their hands, arms and feet. Henna is a dye used to draw intricate designs on the body. A henna design is considered a symbol of marital bliss and good fortune. Sometimes…

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Hindi Literature Posted by on Oct 23, 2010

Have you ever wondered about literature in Hindi?  Today, we will know about some of the famous modern age writers in the history of Hindi literature. You can study their works which could be a good learning in Hindi and the culture of speakers of Hindi of their timeline which are reflected by their works…

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Similar Looking Hindi Words Posted by on Oct 22, 2010

There are some words in Hindi that are spelled similarly but have different meanings. Here are some words worth looking at : Accomplishment – माधना To aim – संधना Sītā – भूजा Arm – भुजा Woman – नारी Pulse – नाड़ि To ask – पूछ The tail – पूँछ Personal – जाती Born – जात…

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Closing Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games Posted by on Oct 19, 2010

The closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in India was just as fantastic as the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. The laser show was one of the highlights of the closing ceremony. Australia won the most number of gold medals, but India ranked second in the number of gold medals. That means that India…

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Adverbs in Hindi Posted by on Oct 17, 2010

Hopefully, you would be waiting for another lesson on Hindi grammar, so here it is. Today, we will see another important part of speech in Hindi, the Adverb. There are various types of adverbs in Hindi. Let us see, how they are classified into classes and sub-classes. Definition: Those words that tell us more about…

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Dasha-Hara Posted by on Oct 16, 2010

Dasha-Hara is a celebration of the triumph of good over evil. Different regions celebrate this festival in slightly different ways, but there are a lot of similarities. For example, In Madikeri (located in the Indian state of Karnataka), an effigy of Ravanna is burned. Ravanna is considered a villain in Indian lore. Therefore the burning…

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Buddhist Monasteries in India Posted by on Oct 10, 2010

India has some of the most interesting and decorative Buddhist monasteries in the world. One such monastery is Dubdi Monastery. The Dubdi Monastery is located in northeastern India. It is one of the oldest monasteries in the state of Sikkam. This monastery is important because it was built around the time the territory of Sikkam became…

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