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Important Words with Multiple Meanings in Hindi Posted by on Mar 31, 2013

You might have heard some of the words in Hindi which occurs quite often and therefore learned the meaning. But you heard the same word but it means completely different than you’d expected! Don’t disappoint yourselves, it is not your fault. There are words in Hindi language which carry multiple meanings.  Let me show you…

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Top Confusing Words in Hindi Posted by on Mar 31, 2013

Just like in English or any other language, there are confusing words in Hindi. Confusing words are two or more words which are very close in spelling or pronunciation which have different meanings. I have made a short list of top confusing words in Hindi. The pronunciation (Romanized Hindi) as well as their meaning in…

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Top 10 Spelling Mistakes in Hindi Posted by on Mar 26, 2013

Spelling mistakes in Hindi are some of the common pitfall which any Hindi learner would be facing sooner than later. These spelling mistakes are because of incorrect vowel, consonant or both. Some of mistakes are so common that even literate mass make them. In this post, I’ll try to describe these common mistakes along with…

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Flavors of Indian Restaurant Posted by on Mar 25, 2013

Have you gone for Indian meal yet or still not sure what you will find in the Indian restaurant? Let me help you here. Diversity of races, religions, cultures, weather, and terrains have given a lot of variety to Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine as such offers huge variety of tastes to savor. It is impossible…

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Vocabulary in Hindi – Clothes Posted by on Mar 19, 2013

Do you know how to call shirt or Scarf in Hindi? Clothes are essential items in our daily life and you might be wondering if your vocabulary is good enough to describe these items. So, lets have a revision for those who have already learned these words or verbs and new vocabulary for those who…

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Top 5 ways to learn Hindi Posted by on Mar 17, 2013

Many of you have an aspiration to learn Hindi. Let me show you the top 5 ways to lean Hindi language. 1. Watch Hindi Media Watching Hindi movies, soaps and music are some of the great way to learn a lot of common vocabulary in an entertaining way. Nowadays, Hindi movies are released in many…

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