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Vocabulary in Hindi – Jobs Posted by on Oct 31, 2013

In this post, let me show you basic vocabulary related to jobs in Hindi. Job is called  कार्य (kary) in Hindi. The following list (सूची – Suchi) contain Hindi vocabulary (शब्दावली – Shabdaavali) related to religion. English words and their translations (अनुवाद – Anuvaad) into Hindi (in Devanagari script) are given along with their pronunciations…

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Dhanteras Posted by on Oct 30, 2013

The time during the months of October and November is festival time for the majority (अधिकांश – Adhikansh) of Indians, who are Hindus. During this time, there comes numerous important festivals including the inarguably the biggest festival of Indian, Diwali (or Deepawali). Just before the festival of Diwali, another important festival called Dhanteras (धनतेरस) is…

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Birthday wishes in Hindi Posted by on Oct 30, 2013

In Hindi, people can wish someone on his/her birthday in a variety of ways. Birthday is called जन्मदिन (जन्म means Birth and दिन means Day). Let me show you how to wish someone on his/her birthday in Hindi. आपके जन्मदिन पर हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं। (Aapke janmdin par hardik shubhkamanein) lit. English: Hearty wishes on your birthday…

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Life of Hindi Writer Posted by on Oct 27, 2013

Today, I would like to share with you my experience as a Hindi write (लेखक – Lekhak) . What drives me to write over Hindi and what are my experiences (अनुभव – Anubhav) of it. I love writing on Hindi and culture (संस्कृति – Sanskriti) of its people. Preparing and writing content for you is…

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Superstition in India Posted by on Oct 26, 2013

Superstition (अन्धविश्वास – Andhvishvas) could be seen and heard all over the world, and India is no different. Let me show you some of the superstitions that many people believe in India. It is believe that you may face disappoint if a black cat crosses your way, while you are leaving for an important ask…

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Bharata Natyam Posted by on Oct 21, 2013

India offers a variety of classical dance and Bharata Natyam is one of them. Origins of this classical (शास्त्रीय – Shastriy) dance form dates back to 4th or 3rd century B.C. and find the first reference (संदर्भ – Sandarbh) in ancient Indian treatise (आलेख – Aalekh) called Natya Shastra. It is the most popular dance…

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