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Anatomy and Non-Verbal Communication Posted by on Apr 22, 2021


As with any country, India has her own cultural expectations सांस्कृतिक अपेक्षाएं. Although it is a little more complicated जटिल with so many cultures residing रहने वाले under one country. Indians master the art of maneuvering पैंतरेबाज़ी easily between cultures संस्कृतियों from an early age. Besides the various dialects that Indians speak, there are some…

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Characteristics of Urban Hindi Posted by on Apr 11, 2021

Thought Clouds with Hinglish

Characteristics of Urban Hindi As we tackle the fast-paced evolution of languages all over the world due to the internet. We will take a look at the ever-evolving speech of the Hindi language in India. In our last post, we discussed social media’s use of a mixture of Hindi and English in speech. The combination…

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Social Media Influencers And Code Switching Posted by on Apr 11, 2021

Social Media Influencer

In our last blog post, we mentioned the Tapori language spoken by the lower classes of Mumbai. In this blog, we will turn our attention to a sophisticated form of Hindi spoken by the upper classes. It is a mixture of English and Hindi. Social media influencers have taken लिया है to YouTube in droves…

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Bandra Hindi Posted by on Apr 2, 2021

Sea Link Bridge Bandra

Bandra Hindi What is Bandra Hindi? Bandraites, the residents of Bandra speak a combination मिश्रण  of Hindi and English with colloquial phrases. This language is a mixture of Hindi words that are anglicized or butchered, slang, and Marathi words. Where did Bandra Hindi come from? Bandra Hindi evolved विकसित from Marathi, Konkani, and English which…

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