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Congratulatory Letter in Hindi Posted by on May 31, 2014 in Hindi Language

In this digital age, many of you are using the electronic mail (email) service to communicate with your family, friends and relatives. It is a faster, easier and convenient way to write message letter to them. However, some people are missing the excitement of sending or receiving a traditional letters. For them, the electronic messages have become too trivial.  Some of such people, our readers, have requested me for the topic of how to write congratulatory letters in Hindi, as they want to congratulate their friends with a Hindi letter.

A congratulatory letter can be personal or business letters with a congratulatory note for the addressed person or organization. Let me show you the sample of a congratulatory letter in Hindi.

A letter in Hindi usually start with the sender address. In Hindi letter, it is usually positioned on the upper left corner.

बी – २६ महारानी बाग (House number and street/ locality name)
नई दिल्ली। (Name of the state)
दिनांक : २४.०१.२०१४ (Date)

After the address field, the sender usually greet the receiver like this,

प्रिय मित्र सुरेश (Dear friend Suresh)
सप्रेम नमस्ते । (Greetings)

Now, the sender writes the congratulatory message. A sample message congratulating a friend him on finally getting his/her first job.

आशा है की तुम कुशल-मंगल होगे। (I hope you are well)

मुझे यह जानकर बड़ी प्रसंता हुई कि तुम्हारी नौकरी लग गयी है। नई नौकरी मिलने पर तुम्हे बहुत – बहुत बधाई! (I’m very happy to know that you got a job. Many many congratulation to you on getting a new job!)

तुम्हे जब कभी समय मिले तो कभी मिलने आना। (Visit me when you have time)

अपना ध्यान रखना। (Take care of you)

After the main message we close the letter with the following in the lower left corner,

तुम्हारा प्रिय मित्र, (Your friend,)
राहुल (Name)

Now, you can combine all the part and you have your personal letter. The above mentioned part combine to produce the sample personal letter and look like this,

बी – २६ महारानी/ बाग,
नई दिल्ली।
दिनांक : २४.०१.२०१४

प्रिय मित्र सुरेश
सप्रेम नमस्ते ।

आशा है की तुम कुशल-मंगल होगे।

अपना ध्यान रखना और नौकरी में मान लगाकर काम करना।

मुझे यह जानकर बड़ी प्रसंता हुई कि तुम्हारी नौकरी लग गयी है। नई नौकरी मिलने पर तुम्हे बहुत – बहुत बधाई!

तुम्हे जब कभी समय मिले तो कभी मिलने आना।

अपना ध्यान रखना।

तुम्हारा प्रिय मित्र,

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