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Conversations in Hindi – Going to Movies Posted by on Apr 21, 2012 in Hindi Language

Hindi movies from Bollywood are very famous not just in India but all over the world. You city might be showing some dubbed Hindi movies or even in Hindi for the Indian diaspora in your locality. Asking suggestions for a good movie, getting tickets and everything else seems so easy when you are going to your location but what would happen when you are in India?

The language barrier would make you think about it. Maybe you would like to settle for some online or movie rental service than to face any hardship going to local movie hall. But, we can not and must not deny the joy of watching a movie on a big screen.

Maybe, I should help here. I have decided to prepare a sample conversation in Hindi that you would need when you are going to any local movie hall in India. I would show you some commonly asked questions that we do when we go to movie halls.

First of all, you go to the ticket counter. There may be a queue to get a ticket. You can ask some questions from the queue like what is best movie from the movies screening at that time. Though, you would get some mixed response but you will get the idea about the favorite movie among the crowd. Generally, people are well informed and read reviews before going for the movies. Only few percentage of people make it as a random choice. The words films, movies and pictures are used interchangeably in India, so be careful.

Now suppose, we are there at the ticket counter. The following conversation is between the person at ticket counter and a movie freak… you! 🙂

Person at ticket counter to You:
बोलिए भाईसाहब, कौन से फिल्म का टिकेट चाहिए?
Boliye bhaisahab, kaun se film ka ticket chahiye?
Hello, so which movie ticket you want?
(Note: if you won’t tell him, he is going to ask the name of the movie. Now ask him about his suggestion as in the next dialogue)

You to Person at ticket counter:
आप बताइये कि कौन सी फिल्म सही है?
Aap bataiye ki kaun si film sahi hai?
Could you tell me which movie is good?

Person at ticket counter to You:
आप परिनीता दिख लो, उसकी रेटिंग बहुत सही है
Aap Parineeta dekh lo, uski rating bahut sahi hai.
You can watch Parineeta, it has good ratings.
(Note: The person at the ticket counter even tell you the ratings of the movie. The movie are usually reviewed by movie critics and ratings are published in all newspapers in their respective movie column.)

You to Person at ticket counter:
ठीक है, परिनीता की दो टिकेट दे दो
Thik hai, Parineeta ki do ticket de do.
Okay, please give me two ticket for Parineeta.

Person at ticket counter to You:
आपको कहाँ के टिकेट चाहियें?…बलकोनी, आगे / फ्रंट या पीछे / बेक के?
Aapko kahan ke ticket chahiyein?…Balcony, aage/front ya piche/ back ke?
Where would you like your seats?…balcony, front or back?

You to Person at ticket counter:
हमें बलकोनी के टिकेट चाहियें
Humein balcony ke ticket chahiyein?
We need tickets for balcony.

Person at ticket counter to You:
दो टिकेट के 400 रुपए हुए.
Do ticket ke 400 rupee hue.
Two tickets cost is 400 rupees.

You to Person at ticket counter:
यह लीजिये 400 रुपए.
Yeh lijiye 400 rupee.
Here is your 400 rupees.

After getting money, the person at ticket counter will hand over the ticket. Hurry, now you have the tickets! Say thanks to him and proceed toward the movie hall. 🙂

You to Person at ticket counter:
Thank you!

Now, you can now go through a quick security check (for your bags and pockets). In most of multiplex and big movie halls, you can grab some cola or popcorns or other stuff.

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