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Premchand Posted by on Apr 22, 2012 in Hindi Language

Today, I will talk about a legendary writer from modern Hindi literature world. He is considered as Indian Shakespeare by many Hindi writers. His works are mandatory in upper education in Hindi just like the work of Shakespeare in English. In secondary education, you will find his short stories in the Hindi lessons. His imprint on the Hindi literature world is really big.

Yes, I am talking about Premchand!

Premchand (प्रेमचंद), (1880–1936) was notably the most famous writer of modern Hindi-Urdu literature of early twentieth century. He is also famous by the name of Munshi Premchand (Munshi mean Clerk). His real name was Dhanpat Rai. The writing style of Premchand was simple and interesting which was a result of his affluent use of dialect of common people and restraining from the use of Hindi word derived from Sanskrit. Through his novels, he had tried to describe the Indian society of his time from the rural prospective. His work revolve around the issues of communism, corruption, poverty, colonialism etc. Many Hindi writers consider him the Upanyas Samrat (Emperor of Novels) of modern Indian literature. Most of his works has been translated into English.

His famous novels include:


Gaban (Eng. Embezzlement) is considered as the finest from Premchand. It was first published in 1931. The novel showcase the society at that time. The main theme of the novel is a woman temptation for personal adornment. The novel shed a light on various socio – economical problems faced by a man in hope to create fulfilling relationship by satisfying such needs. The novel also present the problem of corruption, plight of women and other social problem in the society.

Seva Sadan

Seva Sadan (literally, Service Home) novel is based on the story of an unhappy housewife who has decided to become a courtesan because of deception but then she decided to amend herself and atones by serving as the manager of an orphanage for the young daughters of courtesans. It was first published in 1919 from present day Kolkata.


Godaan, which means the gift of a cow is the most famous work from Premchand. It was first published in 1936. The novel revolve around the rural society and life of common man. The novel has many characters and present the life of common man facing various challenges such as traditional values, feud in family, corruption in society etc.

Some of other famous work are :

Novels (उपन्यास) : Karmabhoomi, Kaayakalp, Manorama, Mangalsootra incomplete,
Nirmala, Pratigya, Premashram, Rangbhoomi, Vardaan, Prema.

Short- Story (कहानी संग्रह): Panch Parameshvar, Idgah, Mantra, Nashaa, Shatranj ke khiladi, Poos ki raat, Atmaram to name a few.

Play (नाटक): Karbala

If you can find his works, I would definitely recommend you a good reading.

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