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Increasing Word Choice and Meaning with Synonyms Posted by on Apr 15, 2018 in Hindi Language

I was working with some adult English learners last week. As in every class, there are the early-finishers and this class was no exception. While the rest of the class was working on learning the names of objects in a department store, I put the early finisher to a challenge — to use the newly-acquired vocabulary in sentences, and use at least one adjective that described the object/noun. The student set to task — but when I read the words “big” and “many” used one too many times, I decided it was time for a little lesson on synonyms.

Here are some synonyms पर्यायवाची शब्द (paryaayvaachi shabd) or समानार्थक शब्द (samaanaarthak shabd) for commonly used Hindi words. Throw in some variety when you practice your Hindi skills.


बड़ा (bada)bigविशाल (vishaal) = massive or vastमहान (mahaan) =
great [person/deed]
दोस्त (doast)friendमित्र (mitr)यार (yaar) = buddy/pal
a more colloquial usage
खुश (khush)happyप्रसन्न (prasann) = pleasedआनंद (aanand) = joy
पानी (paani)waterजल (jal)नीर (neer)
खाना (khana)foodभोजन (bhojan) = mealsआहार (aahaar)
पैसा (paisa)moneyधन (dhan) = wealthमाल (maal) = wealth/property [slang]
अमीर (ameer)richधनवान (dhanvaan) = wealthyमालदार (maaldaar) = rich; [slang]
इच्छा (ichcha)wish/desireख्वाहिश (khvaahish) = aspirationतमन्ना (tamanna)
बदमाश (badmaash)naughty/one causing troubleगुंडा (gunda) = ruffianदुष्ट (dusht) = evil/ill-intending
होशियार (hoshiyaar)clever/smartचतुर (chatur)बुद्धिमान (buddhimaan)
दीप (deep)lampदीपक (deepak)बत्ती (batti) [more colloquial usage]
बूढ़ा (boodha) [used to describe people]oldवृद्ध (vruddh) = old [person]प्राचीन = old/ancient
नया (naya)newनवीन (naveen)नूतन (nootan)
सीधा (seedha)straight/directसरल (saral) = simple/uncomplicatedस्पष्ट (spasht) = clear [as in conversation, speech, ideas]
गुस्सा (gussa)angerकोप (kope)क्रोध (krodh)
प्यार (pyaar)loveप्रेम (prem)प्रीति (preeti) = love/affection
आदर (aadar)respectसम्मान (sammaan)लिहाज़ (lihaaz) [Urdu]
दुःख (dukh)sadness/sorrowपीड़ा (peeda) = pain/sadnessवेदना (vaydana) = pain/sadness
दया (daya)pityकरुणा (karuNa) = mercy/pityतरस (taras) = pity/mercy/compassion
छोटा (chhota) smallनन्हा (nanha) = tiny [as a baby or infant]क्षुद्र (kshudra) = insignificant, miniscule
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