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Poem in Hindi – Badhe Chalo, Badhe Chalo Posted by on Jan 31, 2015 in Hindi Language

Today, I will share an motivating poem in Hindi. The poet is telling us that we must keep walking may whatever confronts us.

Below is the poem in Devanagari fonts (Hindi) with the literal translation in English. I hope that you will try to comprehend the poem with the given explanation. So, here it is.

कविता (Kavita – Poem) : बढ़े चलो, बढ़े चलो (Badhe Chalo, Badhe Chalo – Walk On, Walk On)
कवि (Kavi – Poet) : सोहन लाल द्विवेदी (Sohan Lal Dwivedi)

न हाथ एक शस्त्र हो,
न हाथ एक अस्त्र हो,
न अन्न वीर वस्त्र हो,
हटो नहीं, डरो नहीं,
बढ़े चलो, बढ़े चलो

may you have no equipment,
may you have no weapon,
may you have no food or cloth,
don’t walk back, don’t fear,
walk on, walk on.

रहे समक्ष हिम-शिखर,
तुम्हारा प्रण उठे निखर,
भले ही जाए जन बिखर,
रुको नहीं, झुको नहीं,
बढ़े चलो, बढ़े चलो

may snow peak confronts you,
or your life sparkles,
may your loved ones depart you,
don’t wait, don’t bow,
walk on, walk on.

घटा घिरी अटूट हो,
अधर में कालकूट हो,
वही सुधा का घूंट हो,
जिये चलो, मरे चलो,
बढ़े चलो, बढ़े चलो

may there be bad weather,
may there be a vacuum in time,
a sip of the elixir,
don’t wait, don’t bow,
walk on, walk on.

गगन उगलता आग हो,
छिड़ा मरण का राग हो,
लहू का अपने फाग हो,
अड़ो वहीं, गड़ो वहीं,
बढ़े चलो, बढ़े चलो

may the sky be burning,
or death song being sung,
may there be play of blood splashing,
insist on, stand there,
walk on, walk on.

चलो नई मिसाल हो,
जलो नई मिसाल हो,
बढो़ नया कमाल हो,
झुको नही, रूको नही,
बढ़े चलो, बढ़े चलो

may you walk for new paradigm,
may you set new example,
may you go for a new feat,
don’t bow, don’t wait,
walk on, walk on.

अशेष रक्त तोल दो,
स्वतंत्रता का मोल दो,
कड़ी युगों की खोल दो,
डरो नही, मरो नहीं,
बढ़े चलो, बढ़े चलो

weigh the remaining blood,
pay the price of freedom,
start the series of ages,
don’t fear, don’t die,
walk on, walk on.

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    This poem is written by Soham all dwiwedi

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