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Poem in Hindi – Teri Yaad Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in Hindi Language

Let me translate a nice Hindi poem for you. Hindi poems offers great variety of composition and grammatical structure. So it will be a great way to learn Hindi through reading comprehension of Hindi poems.

In this poem, the poet is describing his feelings after losing his life partner. I hope that you will try to comprehend the poem with the given explanation. So, here it is.

कविता (Kavita – Poem) : तेरी याद (Teri Yaad – Your Memory)
कवि (Kavi – Poet) : कन्हैयालाल नंदन (Kanhayaalal Nandan)

तेरी याद का ले के आसरा, मैं कहाँ-कहाँ से गुज़र गया,
उसे क्या सुनाता मैं दास्ताँ, वो तो आईना देख के डर गया।

By taking the shelter of your memory, I’ve went to places,
What would have I told her, she even got scared looking into the mirror.

मेरे जेहन में कोई ख्‍़वाब था उसे देखना भी गुनाह था
वो बिखर गया मेरे सामने सारा गुनाह मेरे सर गया।

It was crime to dream what was in my mind,
in front of me, the dream shattered and i all crime went on me.

मेरे ग़म का दरिया अथाह है फ़क़त हौसले से निबाह है
जो चला था साथ निबाहने वो तो रास्ते में उतर गया।

The river of my sorrow is bottomless, living on mere confidence,
the one who started shared the life journey, left the way.

मुझे स्याहियों में न पाओगे मैं मिलूँगा लफ्‍़ज़ों की धूप में
मुझे रोशनी की है जुस्तज़ू मैं किरन-किरन में बिखर गया।

You won’t find me in the writing, I’ll be available in the sunshine of words,
I have longing for light, I’ve shattered like the rays.

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