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Relations in Hindi Posted by on Nov 24, 2010 in Hindi Language

Relationship in Hindi

Today, I will show you the words that you would need the most when you are in India or Indian community and even for the Hindi films.

Please note that when you greet or having conversation with elder, it is formal to use “ji” at the end of some of these words.

For example:  Pitaji, Mataji, Mamaji, Mausiji and so on.

Word Hindi हिन्दी
Man, Husband Aadmi, Pati आदमी, पति
Woman, Wife Aurat, Patni औरत, पत्नी
Child Bachcha, Balak, Ladka बच्चा, बालक, लड़का
Child Bachchi, Balika, Ladki बच्ची, बालिका, लड़की (spkn)
Father Pita, Baap पिता, बाप
Mother Maa, Mata माँ, माता
Paternal Grandfather Dada दादा
Paternal Grandmother Dadi दादी
Maternal Grandmother Naani नानी
Maternal Grandfather Nana नाना
Father’s (Elder) Brother Taya ताया
Father’s (Elder) Brother’s Wife Tayi ताई
Father’s (Younger) Brother Chacha चाचा
Father’s (Younger) Brother’s Wife Chachi चाची
Father’s Sister Bua बुआ
Father’s Sister’s Husband Phupha फूफा
Mother’s Brother Mama मामा
Mother’s Brother’ Wife Mami मामी
Mother’s Sister Mausi, Maasi मौसी, मासी
Mother’s Sister’s Husband Mausa, Maasad मौसा, मसाड
Older Brother Bada bhai, Bhai sahab बडा भाई, भाई साहब
Younger Brother chota bhai छोटा भाई
Older Sister Badi bahen बडी बहन
Younger sister Choti bahen छोटी बहन
Son Beta, Ladka बेटा, लड़का
Daughter Beti, Ladki बेटी, लड़की
Boy Ladka लडका
Girl Ladki लडकी
Son’s Son Pota पोता
Son’s Daughter Poti पोती
Daughter’s Son Nati, Navasa नाती, नवासा
Daughter’s Daughter Naten, Navasi नतीं, नवासी
Sister’s Husband Jija जीजा
Sister’s Son Bhanja भांजा
Sister’s Daughter Bhanji भांजी
Brother’s Wife Bhabhi भाभी
Brother’s Son Bhatija भतीजा
Brother’s Daughter Bhatiji भतीजी
Husband’s/Wife’s Mother Saas सास
Husband’s/Wife’s Father Sasur ससुर
Son-in-Law Damad दामाद
Daughter-in-Law Bahu बहू
Husband’s (elder) Brother Jeth जेठ
Husband’s (elder) Brother’s Wife Jethani जेठानी
Husband’s (younger) Brother Devar देवर
Husband’s (younger) Brother’s Wife Devaraani देवरानी
Husband’s Sister Nand नंद
Husband’s Sister’s Husband Nandoi नंदोई
Wife’s Sister Sali साली
Wife’s Sister’s Husband Saadhu साढ़ू
Wife’s Brother Sala साला
Wife’s Brother’s Wife Salaj सलज
Wife’s Sister’s Husband Saadhu साढ़ू
Fiancées/Fiancés Mangetar मंगेतर
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