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As I was out taking a walk under a rain-cloud laden sky this morning in Mumbai, I passed a vibrant streetside display of garden planters for sale. There were terracotta planters of a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes from plain earthen to colorful patterns. The pots were handmade, probably by a local artisan or kumhaar.  A कुम्हार  is a traditional potter who is skilled in making all things earthen from utensils and pots for cooking to storage and planters.

In a previous blog we discussed Hindi vocabulary for professions/jobs. Today we will take a look at trades and crafts.

Colorful Terracotta Pots (Image by Nitya Ramanan)

Earthen Planters (Image by Nitya Ramanan)

कुम्हार kumhaar = potter

कुम्हार मट्के (matke), कुल्हड़ (kullhad), और मिट्टी (mitti) के वस्तु (vastu) बनाता है।
Kumhaar matke, kullhad, aur mitti ke vastu banata hai.
The potter makes pots, cups, and items of mud/clay.
=pots;  कुल्हड़ = earthen cups; मिट्टी = mud/clay; वस्तु = objects

लोहार lohaar = blacksmith

लोहार लोहे (lohay) के यंत्र (yantra) बनाता है।
Lohaar lohay ke yantra banaata hai.
The blacksmith makes tools of iron.
लोहे के
=of iron;  यंत्र = tools

सुनार sunaar = goldsmith

सुनार सोने के (soney ke) गहने  (gehne)  बनाता है।
Sunaar soney ke gehne banata hai.
The goldsmith makes gold jewelry.
सोने के
=of gold;  गहने = jewelry

मोची mochi = cobbler

मैंने मोची से चप्पल (chappal) बनवाए (banvaae)।
Maine mochi se chappal banvaae.
I got slippers/shoes made by the cobbler.
= slippers;  बनवाए = got … (something) made by … (someone)

हलवाई = confectioner

हम खानदानी (khaandaani) हलवाई (halvaai) हैं।
Hum khaandaani halvaai hain.
We are traditional confectioners.
= traditional/family of …  

दरजी = tailor

दिवाली (Divali) के लिए मैंने दरजी से नए  (naye) कपडे (kapde) सिलवाए (silvaae)।
Divali ke liye maine darji se naye kapde silvaae.
For Divali, I got new clothes stitched by the tailor.
= new;  कपडे = clothes; सिलवाए = got … (something) stitched/sewn by … (someone)

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