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Veggies on the Road … Posted by on Jul 13, 2017 in Hindi Language

Simple salad veggies.  (Image by Nitya Ramanan)

Vegetarianism is a new fad in the Western world. However, I’ve been a vegetarian शाकाहारी (shakahari) all my life and I’ve never ever eaten even a sliver of meat मांस (maans) or fish मच्छी (macchi).

Contrary to what many believe, it is not difficult to be a vegetarian शाकाहारी , although it can sometimes get a little challenging when I’m traveling.

Currently I’m traveling within India and needless to say, tasty vegetarian food is abundant in “pure vegetarian” or शुद्ध शाकाहारी (shuddha shakahari) restaurants. However, I’m used to plenty of raw veggies and salads in my daily diet and my body misses them sorely during such jaunts. So what does one do? Improvise.
The monsoon season in India is not the best time to eat leafy greens पत्ता सब्ज़ी (patta subzi) like spinach पालक (palak) or fenugreek leaves मेथी (methi). However you can get your fix of veggies and salads with simple year-round vegetables like tomatoes टमाटर (tamatar), cucumbers ककड़ी (kakdi), and carrots गाजर  (gajar). These are inexpensive and can be quickly chopped into a salad with a dash of salt नमक (namak) and pepper काली मिर्च (kali mirch); sliced into sandwich filling with a squirt of ketchup; or chopped finely and stirred into yogurt दही (dahi) (or curd, as it is known in India) to make fresh, cooling राइता(raita) that can be eaten by itself or as a side with रोटी (roti).


रोटी  roti bread
राइता  raita yogurt-based salad
दही  dahi yogurt (known as “curd” in India)
गाजर  gajar carrot
काली मिर्च  kaali mirch black pepper
नमक  namak salt
ककड़ी kakdi cucumber
टमाटर  tamaatar tomato
मेथी methi fenugreek
पालक  paalak  spinach
पत्ता सब्ज़ी  patta subzi leafy greens
 शुद्ध shuddha  pure
 मच्छी  macchi fish
 मांस  maans meat
 शाकाहारी  shaakahaari vegetarian
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