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Vocabulary in Hindi – Positive Traits – II Posted by on Jun 29, 2015 in Hindi Language

I hope you have gone through the first post on this topic and learned some vocabulary. If you’ve not, you can check the first post on the positive traits here.

In this post, I will show you more vocabulary for expressing positive traits. Don’t forget to practice the pronunciation of the words as shown in the Romanized spellings.

English Hindi Romanized Spelling
Easygoing आरामपसंद Aaramapasand
Emotional भावनात्मक Bhavanatmak
Energetic ऊर्जावान Urjaavaan
Enthusiastic उत्साही Utsaahi
Exuberant विपुल Vipul
Fair-Minded निष्पक्ष Nispaksh
Faithful श्रद्धालु Sraddhalu
Fearless निडर Niḍar
Forceful सशक्त Sashakt
Frank खरा Khara
Friendly मित्रतापूर्ण, दोस्ताना Mitratapurn, Dostana
Funny मजाकिया Majaakiya
Generous उदार Udaar
Gentle सज्जन Sajjan
Good अच्छा Accha
Gregarious मिलनसार Milanasaar
Hard-Working मेहनती Mehanati
Helpful सहायक Sahaayak
Honest ईमानदार Imaanadar
Humorous विनोदपूर्ण Vinodapurṇ
Imaginative कल्पनाशील Kalpanashil
Impartial निष्पक्ष Nishpaksh
Independent स्वतंत्र Svatantr
Intellectual बौद्धिक Bauddhik
Intelligent बुद्धिमान Buddhimaan
Intuitive अंतर्ज्ञानी Antargyaani
Inventive आविष्कारशील Aavishkarashila
Kind दयालु Dayaalu
Loving प्यारा Pyaara
Loyal निष्ठावान Nishthaavan
Modest मामूली Maamuli

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