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Vocabulary in Hindi – Positive Traits – III Posted by on Jul 5, 2015 in Hindi Language

I hope you have gone through the first and second posts on this topic and learned some vocabulary. If you’ve not, you can check the first post on the positive traits here for 1st post and here for 2nd post.

In this post, I will show you more vocabulary for expressing positive traits. Don’t forget to practice the pronunciation of the words as shown in the Romanized spellings.

English Hindi Romanized Spelling
Neat साफ Saaph
Nice अच्छा Achcha
Optimistic आशावादी Aashaavadi
Passionate आवेशपूर्ण Aaveshapurn
Patient रोगी Rogi
Persistent ज़िद्दी Ziddi
Pioneering अग्रणी Agrani
Philosophical दार्शनिक Daarshanik
Placid सौम्य saumya
Plucky वीर vīra
Polite सभ्य Sabhy
Powerful शक्तिशाली Shaktishaali
Practical व्यावहारिक Vyaavahaarik
Pro-Active सक्रिय Sakriy
Quick-Witted तर्कशील Tarkashil
Quiet शांत Shaant
Rational तर्कसंगत Tarkasangat
Reliable विश्वसनीय, भरोसेमंद Vishvasaniy, Bharosemand
Reserved संयमी Sanyami
Resourceful साधन-संपन्न Saadhan-Sampann
Romantic रोमांटिक Romaantik
Self-Confident आत्मविश्वासी Aatmavishvaasi
Self-Disciplined आत्मअनुशासित Aatmaanushaasit
Sensible संवेदनशील Sanvedanashil
Sensitive संवेदनशील Sanvedanashil
Shy शर्मीला Sharmila
Sincere निष्ठावान Nishtavaan
Sociable मिलनसार Milansaar
Straightforward सरल Saral
Sympathetic सहानुभूतिपूर्ण Sahaanubhutipurn
Thoughtful सावधान Saavadhaan
Tidy साफ Saaph
Tough कठोर Kathior
Unassuming नम्र Narm
Understanding समझौता Samajhautaa
Versatile बहुमुखी Bahumukhi
Warmhearted दयालु Dayalu
Willing तैयार Taiyaar
Witty मजाकिया Majaakiyaa
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