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Signs in Icelandic Posted by on Nov 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here’s a bunch of various signs I’ve taken photos of.

This sign is near Kringlan (a mall). Every time I walk by, it’s collapsed like this.

“Circus school today for all”, this and the following two photos were taken on Iceland’s independence day.

ESB or ES stands for “Evrópusambandið”, the European Union.

“(Dance school) good luck!”

“Have a good day”

This is for some bicycle group that meets in the area.

“Push on the button and wait for the walking lights”

Next to the downtown pond.

Somewhere inside one of the University of Iceland buildings, it’s telling you where to put which kind of recycling (in which colour bins).

Sign for a used bookstore, sign is on Laugavegur but the bookstore is on a sidestreet.

“I’m protesting” or “I protest”. Found on the ground near Hallgrimskirkja. A lot of protests were going on at the time.

University of Iceland bus stop.

“closed today because of asphalting”

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