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A Rough Guide to Indonesian Food Posted by on Nov 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

While not quite as famous as some of its Southeast Asian neighbors, such as Thailand and Vietnam, the cuisine of Indonesia is varied and delicious. But what is Indonesian food, exactly? Here’s a rough guide to Indonesian food to give you a better idea of what’s cooking in this vast archipelago nation.

Common Indonesian Dishes

What Do Indonesians Eat?

Lots of tasty stuff in Indonesia!

If you’re wondering what Indonesians eat, this post is for you. Learn 25 common Indonesian dishes and is full of pictures that will make your mouth water. You can see more in this short video, but be forewarned that it’s going to make you hungry!

A Recipe For Nasi Goreng

An Indonesian staple dish.

If there’s a national dish of Indonesia, it’s got to be nasi goreng. No matter which island you’re on, you’re never far away from a plate of this delicious fried rice. After traveling in Indonesia, you’re sure to find yourself craving it back home. Never fear, because we teach you how to make it in this post!

Nasi Campur

A Rough Guide to Indonesian Food

Mmmm… hungry yet?

If you get bored with nasi goreng, mix it up with some nasi campur! It literally means “mixed rice,” and it can come with just about anything. You can pick and choose what you want to have with your rice, and a huge plate usually costs only $2-3. It’s my absolute favorite thing to eat for lunch in Indonesia and thanks to all the options it never gets old.



Mmmm… gado-gado.

Another dish that you can find just about everywhere in Indonesia is gado-gado. It’s basically a salad of steamed vegetables covered in a delicious peanut sauce and accompanied by some krupuk crackers. It’s delicious and nutritious! Learn more about it by reading this post.

Indonesian Street Food

Sanur Night Market

Lots of good stuff here!

Restaurants are great and all, but eating in the street is a huge part of Indonesian culture. Don’t be scared – pull up a plastic stool and dig in to some tasty treats such as martabak or sate. Learn all about Indonesian street food in this post. One of my personal favorite places is the Sanur night market in Bali. Check it out in this short video tour.


As you can see, there’s plenty to eat in Indonesia! If you’re traveling there, you’ll definitely want to brush up on your language skills beforehand. Be sure to sign up to learn a new Indonesian word every day, and you’ll be ordering like a local in no time!

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