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The Asian Games, also known as Asiad, is a continental multi-sport event held every four years among athletes from all over Asia. The Games were regulated by the Asian Games Federation (AGF) from the first Games in New Delhi, India, until the 1978 Games. Since the 1982 Games, they have been organized by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), after the breakup of the Asian Games Federation. The Games are recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and are described as the second largest multi-sport event after the Olympic Games. (Wikipedia)

In its history, nine nations have hosted the Asian Games. Forty-six nations have participated in the Games, including Israel, which was excluded from the Games after their last participation in 1974.
This year, Indonesia proudly holds the 18th Asian Games. The event is held for two weeks from August 18 to September 02, 2018. What specific about Asian Games 2018 is that it is for the first time the Asian Games hosted by two cities. The games take place simultaneously in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia and Palembang, the capital city of the province of South Sumatra for all branches of sports.

Under Indonesian President Jokowi, the Indonesian Asian Games 2017 sports venues are built to fully meeting the high standard of international sports competitions. The efforts will serve two purposes; first, Indonesia is eager that the Indonesian athletes will be able to go international and play in the International league. Second, Indonesia is targeting a possible bit for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic to host the 2032 Olympic Games. Therefore, Indonesia invited the IOC President, Thomas Bach to the closing of Asian Games. According to The, “Bach had chosen to attend the Closing Ceremony, rather than the Opening, so he could see the “success” of the Asian Games.”

Indonesia hopes to be able to showcase its hosting credentials during the multi-sport event in the two cities, which begins in August 2018. You can see the spectacular opening ceremony here.

List of participating nations at the Asian Games 2018

English – Bahasa Indonesia
Afghanistan – Afganistan
Saudi Arabia – Arab Saudi
Bahrain – Bahrain
Bangladesh – Bangladesh
Bhutan – Bhutan
Brunei – Brunei
Philipines – Filipina
Hong Kong – Hong Kong
India – India
Indonesia – Indonesia
Iraq – Irak
Iran – Iran
Japan – Jepang
Cambodia – Kamboja
Kazakhtan – Kazakhtan
Kirgisztan – Kirgisztan
South Korea – Korea Selatan
North Korea – Korea Utara
Kuwait – Kuwait
Laos – Laos
Lebanon – Lebanon
Macau – Makau
Malaysia – Malaysia
Maldives – Maladewa

New sports being introduced in 2018. Read the description here
1. 3×3 basketball
2. Contract bridge
3. Jet skiing
4. Paragliding
5. Pencak Silat
6. Jujutsu
7. Sambo
8. Kurash
9. Rock Climbing
10. Rollersports

List of sports at Asian Games 2018

English – Bahasa Indonesia
– archery – panahan
– artistic swimming – renang indah
– arletic – atletik
– badminton – badminton
– baseball and softball – basbol dan sofbol
– basketball – bola basket
– bowling – bowling
– boxing – tinju
– bridge – bridge
– canoe/kayak – kayak
– cycling – balap sepeda
– diving – diving (menyelam)
– equestrian – berkuda
– fencing – anggar
– soccer – sepak bola
– golf – golf
– gymnastics – senam
– handball – bola tangan
– hokey – hoki
– jet ski – jet ski
– judo – judo
– jujitsu – jujitsu
– kabaddi – kabadi
– karate – karate
– kurash a sport of the folk wrestling discipline, primarily practiced in the regions of Central Asia. The objective of the sport is to grab hold of the opponent by the towel around their waist, and throw them on to the ground on their back.
– modern pentathlon – Pentathlon Modern.
– paragliding – terbang layang
– pencak silat – pencak silat
– rowing – dayung
– rugby sevens – rugby 7
– sailing – layar
– sambo a Russian-Soviet martial art and combat sport
– sepak takraw – sepak takraw
– shooting – menembak
– skateboard – skateboard
– sport climbing – panjat tebing
– squash – squash
– swimming – renang
– table tennis – tenis meja
– taekwondo – taekwondo
– tennis – tenis
– triathlon – triathlon
– volleyball – bola voli
– weightlifting – angkat berat
– wresling – gulat
– wushu – wushu
– water polo – polo air

Sport-Related phrases used in Bahasa Indonesia and English

Bahasa Indonesia – English
– Pesta Olahraga Asia – Asian Games
– Olahraga yang dipertandingkan di Asian Games 2018 – List of sports at Asian Games 2018
Cabang olahraga baru yang dipertandingkan di tahun 2018 – New sports being introduced in 2018 (note: being introduced is translated “yang diperkenalkan). However, Indonesian phrases used “dipertandingkan with is translated being com
– Daftar negara peserta asian games 2018 – List of participating nations at the Asian Games
– Siapa yang menang – who won (the competition)
– Siapa pemenangnya? – who is the winner?
– Indonesia dapat medali apa? – what medal did Indonesia get?
– Olahraga apa? – What kind of sports?
– Negara mana yang menjadi juara pertama? – Which country became the first winner?
– …kedua – the second
– …ketiga – the third
– Indonesia (ada) di urutan ke berapa? – In what order of winner is Indonesia?
– Taruhan Indonesia akan menjadi juara pertama – I bet Indonesia will the first place.
– Wasit – referee
– Atlit – athlete
– Kartu merah – red card
– Kartu kuning – yellow card
– Melanggar – to violate

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