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On October 29, 2018. An Indonesian passenger plane has crashed into the Java sea killing all 189 people on board, shortly after take-off from Jakarta.

Further news identified that the aircraft was operated by budget carrier Lion Air. Later, more information came to light that the plane behind Lion Air’s crash off Indonesia was one of Boeing’s newest and most advanced jets. It was just two months old and had logged only 800 hours in the air, according to Indonesian officials. (New York Times).

For Indonesia, which has been troubled for years by safety problems but had recently shown signs of progress; the crash was another setback for its fast-growing aviation sector. On June 16, 2018, the European Union lifted a ban that has been imposed in 2007 on all Indonesia airlines after the Indonesian government improved its aviation safety standards and practices.

Investigation progress and finding after the crash

1. November 3, 2018: Indonesian rescue diver dies searching for Lion Air plane crash victims
2. November 7, 2018: Boeing has issued safety bulletin to all airlines that operate the Boeing 737 Max aircraft and FAA is expected to follow with an airworthiness directive mandating safety protocol for U.S. carriers
3. November 8, 2018: the Indonesia National Transportation Safety Committee revealed its investigation result. It is found that the crucial sensor was replaced on a Lion Air Boeing Jet.
4. November 10, 2018: Indonesia calls off the search for Lion Air crash victims.
5. November 14, 2018: Lion Air joins US pilots in claiming Boeing withheld info on a plane model that crashed
6. November 18, 2018: the focus has turned to Boeing, which allegedly failed to share enough information with regulators, airlines, and pilots about the systems on new feature implicated in the crash—information that aviation analyst say could have possibly saved the lives of all 189 people on board.
7. November 28, 2018: information retrieved from the flight data recorder showed the “stick shaker” was vibrating the captain’s controls warning of a stall throughout most of the flight. The captain using his control to bring the airline’s nose up, but an automated anti-stall system was pushing it down.

Related words and phrases

How to say it in English How to say in bahasa Indonesia
A plane crashes Pesawat terbang jatuh
Which airlines crashed? Maskapai penerbangan/penerbangan mana yang pesawatnya jatuh?
Which airlines have had the most accidents? Penerbaganan/Maskapai penerbangan mana yang paling sering mendapat kecelakaan?
Which is the safest plane? Pesawat apa yang paling aman?
Which Indonesian airline is the safest? Maskapai penerbangan/penerbangan mana yang paling aman?
When was the last time an Indonesian plane crashed? Kapan terakhir kali pesawat terbang Indonesia mengalami kecelakaan?
How likely is it for a plane to crash? Seberapa besar pesawat terbang jatuh?
What caused the crash of the aircraft? Apa penyebab jatuhnya pesawat terbang tersebut?
What happened to the plane?
Ada apa dengan pesawat terbangnya?
Are the pilot and co-pilot have had extensive training and flying experience Apakah pilot dan co-pilot telah mendapatkan pelatihan yang ekstensif dan pengalaman terbang?
Which airlines that has never had a plane crash? Maskapai penerbangan/penerbangan yang tidak pernah jatuh?
The Worrying Questions Raised by Indonesia’s Lion Air Crash Pertanyaan-pertanyaan kekhawatiran meningkat dengan jatuhnya pesawat Lion Air.
What is new on the 737 Max? Apa saja yang baru di (Boeing) 737
Which airlines operate the 737 Max? Maskapai penerbangan mana saja yang mengoperasikan 737 Max?
What did airlines and pilots know about the system? Apa saja yang diketahui oleh maskapai-maskapai penerbangan dan para pilot tentang system tersebut?
How are pilots trained? Bagaimana para pilot tersebut dilatih?
What has changed since the crash? Apa yang berubah sejak jatuhnya pesawat (Boeing 727 Max) tersebut?
When will the first report on the crash be released? Kapan laporan pertama tentang jatuhnya pesawat tersebut dipublikasikan?

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