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My Home (Rumah Saya) Posted by on Apr 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

It’s time again for a beginner Indonesian reading exercise! In this post I’ll introduce my little studio apartment here in Bali, first in Indonesian and then in English. This post will give you lots of useful vocabulary for the rooms of the house, furniture, and locations:


Kolam renang = the swimming pool.

Kolam renang = the swimming pool

Rumah saya adalah di Jalan Kerta Dalem, di Kota Denpasar. Tidak jauh dari kampus UNUD. Saya naik motor ke kampus hanya 15 menit. Di sebelah rumah saya ada sebuah toko yang kecil dan sebuah warung.

Kamar tamu = living room

Kamar tamu = living room

Rumah saya ada kolam renang. Kolam renang itu ada di depan kamar tamu. Di kamar tamu ada banyak kursi dan meja, juga ada sofa, kulkas, dan TV. Di sebelah kamar tamu ada banyak pohon, tapi tidak ada bunga.

Dapur ada di sebelah kiri kamar tamu. Dapur saya sangat kecil, hanya ada kompor. Di depan dapur ada tempat parkir.

Lantai satu = the first floor

Lantai satu = the first floor

Kamar saya ada dua lantai. Di lantai satu ada sofa, meja, kursi, dan kulkas yang kecil. Lantai satu itu kamar tamu. Di belakang kamar tamu ada kamar mandi.

Kamar tidur = bedroom

Kamar tidur = bedroom

Lantai dua kamar tidur. Di kamar tidur ada satu tempat tidur, satu meja, dua lemari pakaian, dan satu TV. Saya suka sekali kamar saya!


My home is on Kerta Dalem Road, in Denpasar city. From the campus of UNUD it’s not far. I ride my motorbike to campus in only 15 minutes. Next to my home there’s a small shop and a warung (little restaurant).

My home has a swimming pool. This swimming pool is in front of the living room. In the living room there are many chairs and tables, and there’s also a sofa, fridge, and TV. Near the living room there are many trees, but there are no flowers.

The kitchen is to the left of the living room. My kitchen is really small, it only has a stove. In front of the kitchen is the parking area.

My room has two floors. On the first floor there’s a sofa, two tables, a chair, and a small fridge. The first floor is the living room. Behind the living room is the bathroom.

The second floor is the bedroom. In the bedroom there’s a bed, a table, two wardrobes, and a TV. I really like my room!


  • rumah = home/house
  • kamar tamu = living room
  • kamar tidur = bedroom
  • kamar mandi = bathroom
  • dapur = kitchen
  • tempat parkir = parking area
  • kolam renang = swimming pool
  • toko = shop
  • warung = small restaurant/family run shop
  • pohon = tree
  • bunga = flower
  • kursi = chair
  • meja = table
  • kulkas = fridge
  • kompor = stove
  • tempat tidur = bed
  • lemari pakaian = wardrobe
  • di sebelah = near
  • di depan = in front
  • di belakang = behind


With all of that new vocabulary, try introducing your home in Indonesian! Feel free to leave a post here if you’d like to tell us all about it.

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