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Reported Speech: mudanças de tempo e lugar Posted by on May 28, 2010 in Intermediário

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Quando relatamos o que alguém disse, em inglês, usamos o Reported Speech (Discurso Indireto). Além das mudanças verbais (os verbos sempre vão para um tempo do passado), os advérbios de tempo e lugar também mudam. Check it out!

this –> that, the
these –> those, the
here –> there
now –> then, at that moment
ago –> before
today (tonight) –> that day (that night)
tomorrow –> the following day
yesterday –> the previous day, the day before
next week –> the following week
last month –> the previous month, the month before


Susan said to David, “We’ll meet here again next week“.
Susan told David (that) they would meet there again the following week.

They said, “This exercise can be done tonight“.
They said (that) that exercise could be done that night.

Someone said, “I’m surprised that it’s raining so hard here now.
Someone said (that) he/she was surprised that it was raining so hard there at the moment.

Jason called me to say, “I sent you an e-mail yesterday but you haven’t replied”.
Jason called me to say that he had sent me an e-mail the day before (the previous day) and I hadn’t replied.

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