Inglês Fluente: 04 Exercícios de Pronúncia [com áudio!] Posted by on Jan 27, 2014 in Pronúncia

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Hello, there!

Hoje vou compartilhar com você uma parte do meu Guia de Pronúncia: o bônus Practice Sentences. Este bônus tem mais de 400 palavras narradas pelo meu amigo americano Sean Daely, que tem uma empresa de locução.

Ouça as frases e pratique até que você fique FERA nelas e melhore ainda mais sua pronúncia em inglês!

01. /i/
1. A cool breeze began to blow from the east.
2. Eventually, she will have to save somehow.
3. After reading for only an hour, I fell into a deep sleep.
4. The sea air seemed to give me new life.
5. She seemed to keenly feel his failure to notice her.
6. Even I had to agree that Stephen was the best choice for committee chairman.
7. A college degree is no guarantee of future success.
8. The priest knelt and began quietly to speak to the child.

02. /ɪ/
1. His work has improved greatly since last year.
2. It gave him immense satisfaction to be able to compete with the others.
3. He has lived in all of the more interesting cities of the world.
4. The house is situated at the top of a hill.
5. On any clear day, the lake was easily visible in the distance.
6. She seems ignorant of even the simplest facts of English history.
7. Did you have that prescription filled?
8. When did Bill leave for Chicago?

03. /Ɛ/
1. He was clever and intelligent but not entirely honest.
2. Helen should make every effort to obtain a college education.
3. A fresh, gentle wind brought us welcome relief from the heat.
4. Many guests had arrived, but there was no one to let them in.
5. The entrance was entirely hidden by a high hedge.
6. He will enter engineering school in February.
7. He was a tall, slender, well-dressed man with rather elegant manners.
8. It was evident that red was Stella’s favorite color.

04. /eɪ/
1. We’ll wait for you in front of the main gate.
2. At this rate, we may complete the work later today.
3. They say that we should extend aid only to those nations in need of it.
4. The account was paid in full on the stated date.
5. She wore a rather faded, shapeless, gray dress.
6. They may stay here until April or May.
7. The lazy dog lay in the shade of the apple tree all day.
8. They may wait until a later date before making any decision.

Fonte: Guia de Pronúncia Inglês Completo, de Adir Ferreira. Compre aqui.

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