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Nótaí Fuaimnithe don Bhlag Roimhe (Pronunciation Notes for the Previous Blog) Posted by on Dec 31, 2009

This blog is mostly pronunciation notes for the previous entry, since pronunciation is one of the aspects of Irish that many of my students keep asking about.  As usual, I’ll be concentrating on the words that have silent letters or that tend to raise questions.      I hope this will be useful for relative…

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Téarmaí Nollag gan an Focal “Nollaig” – Cána Candaí, Bleathach Uibhe, agus Fíoracha Sinséir Posted by on Dec 30, 2009

(le Róislín) Seo roinnt téarmaí faoin Nollaig nach bhfuil an focal “Nollaig” féin iontu (some Christmasy terms that don’t have the word “Christmas” itself in them):   an cána candaí, the candy cane an bhleathach uibhe, the eggnog or the egg-flip. ”Bleathach” normally means “grist” or “oat-meal cake.”  Add “uibhe,” the possessive form of “ubh” (egg)…

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An tOchtú Lá is Fiche (28ú) de Mhí na Nollag i Séasúr na Nollag Posted by on Dec 29, 2009

(le Róislín) There are two names for this day, December 28th, in Irish, one the “téarma oifigiúil” and the other less formal.  Lá na Leanaí Neamhchiontacha (or sometimes “Lá na Leanbh”) is Holy Innocents’ Day, a reference to Matha 2:16-18.  The less formal term is “Lá Crosta na Bliana.”  ”Leanbh” is “child,” with the plural…

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Ceistiúchán faoi Rudolf an Réinfhia Posted by on Dec 24, 2009

(This was supposed to come out a few days ago; brón orm) We all probably know the song about Rudolph.  But can you answer these questions about him in Irish?  Answers (“A”) given below, together with a short glossary.   1. Cén sórt fia é Rudolf?:  a) fia fionn (fia buí)  b) fia Baictriach  c) muscfhia  d)…

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Téarmaí Nollag: Nollaig Shona duit! Nollaig Shona daoibh! srl. Posted by on Dec 24, 2009

(le Róislín) Here are some of the basic terms for this holiday season: Oíche Nollag, Christmas Eve, but Oíche Lá Nollag, the night of Christmas Day An Nollaig, Christmas (note the use of the definite article, “the” Christmas) Lá Nollag, Christmas Day Nóta 1: Irish doesn’t really have a separate word for “eve” to distinguish “the…

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Deireadh Hanukkah, an Grianstad ag Tarraingt orainn, agus an Nollaig faoinár Súile Posted by on Dec 18, 2009

Tá Hanukkah ag tarraingt chun deiridh ach tá grianstad an gheimhridh  ag tarraingt orainn, ar an Luan, an 21ú lá (say: an t-aonú lá is fiche) de mhí na Nollag.  Agus tá an Nollaig í féin sa mhullach orainn.     The word “grianstad” breaks apart quite straightforwardly into “grian” (sun) and “stad” (stop), just…

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An Dréadal agus an Roithleagán Rotha: Cineálacha Caiseal Posted by on Dec 14, 2009

(le Róislín) A dréadal (plural: dréadail) is a version of a type of caiseal ([KASH-ul] spinning top) also known as a “teetotum” in English.  Interestingly, while the word “dréadal” seems to be a recent adaptation in Irish, the Irish word for “teetotum,” roithleagán rotha, has been around for a good while.  As have teetotums in general…

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