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How To Say ‘Doctor’ in Irish (plus ‘physician,’ ‘healer,’ etc.) Posted by on Sep 17, 2018

(le Róislín) Doctor … healer … physician? What’s the difference in Irish? And are some of the terms overlapping? Basics first.   Certainly the word most people learn first for “doctor” in Irish is “dochtúir,” and here are its basic forms: 1.. An dochtúir, the doctor, the physician Mála an dochtúra, the bag of the doctor/physician…

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Cá mbíonn tú ag obair?  Where do you work? (Workplace names in Irish) Posted by on Aug 18, 2014

(le Róislín) So the doctor works “san ospidéal” and sometimes “i gclinic.”  Let’s look at some more workplaces.  We’ll take some occupations from the previous blog (nasc thíos) and add a few new ones, some modern and a couple with a nod to “an t-am fadó.”  One, at least, is probably practiced more i gceantar…

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