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Is (X) mé — An (X) thusa?  — Saying ‘I am a (X)’ — ‘Are you a (X)?’ in Irish  Posted by on Oct 27, 2017

(le Róislín) OK, so we’ll start out on the more fanciful side, a conversation (comhrá) between a pumpkin and a turnip.  What the hay — if horses, dogs, clocks, cars, and flowers can all talk in various realms of fiction and folklore, why not pumpkins and turnips?  Oh, by the way, those words i nGaeilge…

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Smashing Pumpkins – not really, just counting them, leniting them and eclipsing them (in Irish) Posted by on Oct 28, 2014

(le Róislín) ‘Tis the séasúr to be talking about puimcíní. In some previous blogs (naisc thíos), we’ve looked at how to count pumpkins and use the word “puimcín” in various types of abairtí and frásaí. So this blog will basically recap some of the phrases we’ve looked at before, but with the added twist of…

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Síolta, Ubhóiríní, agus Tiúbair … A Thiarcais! (Yet another “oh-my” meme, this time on a ‘biaphlanda” theme) Pt. 3 of 3 Posted by on Oct 28, 2013

(le Róislín) Seo an tríú cuid den tsraith (torthaí, glasraí, cnónna, glasraí pischineálacha /léagúim).  This is the third part of the series on “Seeds, Ovules, and Tubers,” and it will focus on na cnónna (the nuts) and na glasraí pischineálacha (the legumes).  So what exactly are these food items? Again, looking at this more from…

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An Puimcín: Toradh nó Glasra? (The Pumpkin: Fruit or Vegetable?) Posted by on Oct 19, 2013

(le Róislín) An toradh nó glasra é an puimcín?  Ní ceist shimplí é! Go dtí le déanaí shíl mé gur glasra a bhí ann.  Leis an fhírinne a dhéanamh níor smaoinigh mé mórán faoi.  Itheann muid mar ghlasra é (i mo bharúil) agus go minic tugtar “glasra” air. Ach le déanaí fuair mé amach gur…

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Deireadh Fómhair agus Mí na Samhna: Séasúr na bPuimcíní (Pumpkin Season) Posted by on Oct 15, 2013

(le Róislín) In some previous blogs, we’ve counted pumpkins (puimcín amháin go fiche puimcín, srl.) and talked about smashing them (for which I finally decided on “smidiríní a dhéanamh de phuimcín“); tá cúpla nasc thíos.  In this blog we’ll look a little further into different forms of the word “puimcín,” glance at its history (i…

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Puimcín Amháin, Dhá Phuimcín, Trí Phuimcín, Ollphuimcín … Puimcíní Go Leor (One Pumpkin … Pumpkins Galore, and the Great Pumpkin too) Posted by on Oct 18, 2012

(le Róislín) More counting practice, this time, le bheith tráthúil, le puimcíní.  First a quick review of the basic set-up for counting objects in Irish: the word for “one” follows the noun, other numbers come before the noun, two through six cause lenition (here, “p” becoming “ph”), and seven through ten cause eclipsis (here, “p”…

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Cineálacha Pióg De Réir na nDíochlaontaí Posted by on Nov 21, 2011

(le Róislín) Well, probably only a language blog would mix pies (blasta!) with declensions (a grammar topic typically considered “tirim”), but here goes.  It actually will help provide the basics for how to say the names of different kinds of pies in Irish.  The key point is that the noun used to describe the pie…

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