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Vocabulary Round-up from ‘More Irish Numbers Practice: Orduimhreacha i dTeidil Scannán’ (Cuid/Part 1)  Posted by on Aug 20, 2017 in Irish Language

 (le Róislín)

The last blogpost (nasc thíos) introduced a few words from off the beaten track, even though the basic vocabulary was probably pretty familiar for advanced beginners and up.  Today we’ll look at some of the more familiar words from that post, but with some new examples and contexts.  And a post after that will deal with the perhaps less familiar words.

So the words for review are divided into two categories:

bunúsach: áthas, breithe, cineál, dlúth, domhan, iontas, réalta, teagmháil, urlár

beagán neamhchoitianta: abhac, aistear, cumraíocht, muiscít, muscaedóir, ósta

I’m not going to try to give all the plurals and genitive cases here, just as they relate to the movie titles discussed in the previous blogpost.   Ó, agus dála an scéil, tá cúpla bearna le líonadh isteach:

Seo an grúpa bunúsach, ar dtús gan an t-alt agus ansin leis an alt:

1)) áthas, happiness, an t-áthas; áthais, of happiness, an áthais, of the happiness.   On its own, the phrase “the sixth happiness” would be “an séú  __áthas,” but remember, the actual movie title says “of the sixth happiness,” so we add a couple more letters, to say ‘Ósta an  __Séú  __Átha__s‘ as opposed to something like “Seo an séú __uair” (with no change to the word “séú” and no change at the end of “uair“).

2)) breithe, born, as in ‘lá breithe,’ which, of course, can also be ‘breithlá.” from the verb ‘__ __ __ __’

3)) cineál, type, kind, sort; an cineál, the type/sort/kind

4)) dlúth, most typically ‘thick’ or ‘condensed’  but in the context ‘Dlúth-Theagmhálacha den Tríú Cineál,’ it means ‘close’ (that’s “close,” the adjective, not the verb “to close”).  Hmm, come to think of it, what about “Condensed Encounters of the Third Kind’?  Would that mean “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ meets ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’?  Or perhaps Twilight Zone‘s “The Invaders'(the episode starring Agnes Moorehead)?

5)) domhan, earth, world; an domhan, the earth, the world; an domhain, of the earth, of the world, as in “Seacht __Iontas an Domha__n.’  That phrase wasn’t included in the last blogpost, which, as you may remember, dealt with “orduimhreacha,”not “bunuimhreacha.”  The title we worked on last time was actually “Kong: Ochtú  __Iontas an Domha__n.’

6)) iontas, wonder, surprise; an t-iontas, the wonder/surprise.  And even though it’s a repeat from the previous ‘focal stórfhocail,’ please complete the title again: Kong: Ochtú  __Iontas an Domhain

7)) réalta, star; an réalta, the star, as in ‘An Réalt__ __ __ __ __ __ __’ (where the two “a’s” overlap).  Or for a few more samples using “réalta“:

‘Cogadh na Réalta__,’ meaning ‘__ __ __ __   __ __ __ __ ,” or more literally “The  __ __ __ __ of the  __ __ __ __,” which, by the way, as an Irish term got a grand total of seven Google hits when I searched for it.  The English version got about 200,000,000 hits, not surprsiingly.  Anyway, it’s an interesting contrast to the phrase “cogadh na réaltraí‘ (galactic wars, or more literally, the war of the galaxies).

Cathréalta Réaltrach,’ which is as close as I can get to … hmm … got it? __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __    __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ . Hope you’re good at counting blanks, ’cause those are both long words in English.  So far no Google hits for that one came up in my search.

And then, taking “réalta” more abstractly, we could have,

Beirtear Réalta,” or, hmm, should that be, “Tá Réalta Á Breith“?

And here’s a fun one:

Beithíoch Réalta, which translates to ‘__ __ __ __   __ __ __ __ __’ and which apparently was the ‘teideal oibre‘ for none other than the 1979 ‘Alien.’  But actually, I’m really wondering, if we should use “beithíoch,” which often simply refers to a cow (more specifically ““), an ox (more specifically “damh,” or a horse (more specifically, “capall” or “each“)

We could also say “brúid” but I see that can also be translated as a “depraved person.”  Hmm, should we call dangerous space creatures “depraved” just because we don’t like how they behave?

Or is it a monster?  In that case, we could use “ollphéist” or “arracht” or “ainbheithíoch.”  Aarrgh!  An oiread sin de roghanna!

Maybe just straightforwardly say “orgánach cosúil le máthair shúigh” (squid-like organism).  But “cosúil le máthair shúigh” doesn’t have quite the succinctness of saying “squid-like.”  Aincheist (a dilemma) atá ann, cinnte!

By the way, yes, I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it, but the traditional Irish word for a squid is “máthair shúigh,” which I can simply translate as “mother of sucking.”  Umm …?

And if it was really a monster, why didn’t the filmmakers use “Star Monster” as the working title?  Well, it’s all more philosophical than I can deal with now.  Even if it is good food for thought.   Good food, that is, unless the “food” consists of “d’aghaidh” (your face) being sucked off by the squid-like organism!

Anyway, sorry for that irresistible digression, inspired by réaltaí — now back to our list!

8)) teagmháil, contact (the activity, not the person), encounter; an teagmháil, the contact/encounter, pl: na teagmhálacha, the contacts/encounters.’  When we add the prefix, what happens?  Dlúth-t__eagmhálacha.

And finally,

9)) urlár, floor; an t-urlár, the floor.  Remember, this noun starts with a vowel, so what happens when we add an orduimhir before “urlár” (except for “first” as the “orduimhir“):

an chéad urlár [no prefixing], an dara  __urlár, an tríú  __urlár, an ceathrú  __urlár,  an cúigiú  __urlár, … an deichiú  __urlár, srl.

And that wraps up the more basic vocabulary words from the previous post.  An chéad uair eile, grúpa focal beagán níos deacra.  SGF — Róislín


1)) áthas: the sixth happiness = an séú  háthas; ‘Inn of the Sixth Happiness’ = ‘Ósta an tSéú  hÁthais.’  In contrast: Seo an séú huair.

2)) breithe: from the verb beir

3)) gan bhearna

4)) gan bhearna

5)) domhan: as in “Seacht nIontas an Domhain.’  The film title we worked on last time: “Kong: Ochtú  hIontas an Domhain.’

6)) iontas: Although it’s a repeat from no. 5: Kong: Ochtú  hIontas an Domhain

7)) réalta:’An Réaltaistear’ (where the final “a” of “réalta” and the first “a” of “aistear” overlap).  Also with “réalta” in various forms and combinations:

Cogadh na Réaltaí,’ ‘Star Wars,” or more literally “The Wars of the Stars.” ‘

‘Cathréalta Réaltrach,’ ‘Battlestar Galactica’  — the Irish really translates to “Battlestar Galactic” but it’s hard to get the Latinate feel of “Galactica”

Beithíoch Réalta: ‘Star Beast’

8)) teagmháil: Dlúth-theagmhálacha

9)) urlár: an dara  hurlár, an tríú  hurlár, an ceathrú  hurlár,  an cúigiú hurlár, … an deichiú hurlár, srl.


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